Patients practice walking again using the Wii Fit

NintendoWorldReport is reporting that physiotherapists at Seacroft Hospital in Leeds England have begun using the Nintendo Wii Fit as part of their physical therapy rehabilitation process.

The Seacroft medical professionals are among the first in the country to use the Wii Fit game and balance board for rehabilitation purposes. Senior physiotherapist Lynn Hirst stated that many times patients have trouble "getting their weight through the prosthetic limb." The Wii Fit allows patients to see where their body weight is being placed aiding the process.

The many balance based games for the Nintendo Wii Fit allow patients to practice the cooperation needed between a real and prosthetic limb. The Wii Fit also allows patients to visually see where their center of gravity is providing more than just their trainer’s opinion when attempting to track their progress. Progress that is reinforced by visual evidence provides an additional incentive for patients to push themselves during therapy.

Patients using the Nintendo Wii Fit have had positive experiences using the balance board for their rehabilitation. David Crossland, a 60 year old patient at Seacroft, described the treatment as "marvelous".  He also said, "It makes sure you have got your balance, which is very important when you are learning to walk again. The Wii gives you confidence in yourself to go out and feel you are not going to fall on the floor, which is a great thing."

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