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Ford lives up to the hype with the Fusion Hybrid

DailyTech has talked about the Ford Fusion Hybrid on two previous occasions. With each article, the car has grown even more impressive.

When DailyTech first visited the Fusion Hybrid, Ford boldly predicted that the vehicle would top the Toyota Camry Hybrid in the city by 5 MPG. A month later, we reported that auto journalists were able to extract 43 MPG from the Fusion Hybrid in city testing while a Ford engineer managed an even more impressive 46 MPG.

For once, it appears that an auto manufacturer is actually living up to the hype. The EPA has officially released mileage figures for the Fusion Hybrid and the vehicle does better than even Ford's initial projections of 38 MPG. In fact, the vehicle is rated at 41 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway -- 8 MPG and 2 MPG better respectively than the Camry Hybrid.

The Fusion Hybrid is able to achieve high ratings in the city thanks to its fuel efficient 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, CVT transmission, second generation hybrid system, and a lighter and more powerful battery pack.

"It's not just one thing, but thousands... We've optimized the heck out of that vehicle, it's individual components," said Fusion Hybrid program leader Praveen Cherian.

Ford's Fusion Hybrid can travel up to 47 MPH on battery power alone and will start at $27,270.

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RE: modern Diesels are even more impressive IMO
By vulcanproject on 12/23/2008 9:20:58 PM , Rating: 2
diesels can be clean, and they are clean, and the maintenace 'debacle' you speak of is non existant. you point to real world examples? what like diesel engines that go 12000 miles on an oil change service and nothing else inbetween as i highlighted elsewhere? ahh. you mean you use false opinions formed by long term exposure to anti diesel propaganda. not hands on experience. the european car industry on a whole is in relatively decent condition. since when was any heavy industry right now in a rock solid position? i admit that, but for the most part its far less precarious than american brands.

i dont quite see the relevance to this topic about british car industries. but as you commented.......many are/were owned by american manufacturers and now are being sold off, but several that have been touted around are often the only profitable brands of the entire american parent company. land rover, aston martin, even longtime deadweight jaguar began to turn a profit before they were sold off as desperate measures to stay afloat. after all, these brands are pretty much the only saleable assets ford had! so meh :-)

RE: modern Diesels are even more impressive IMO
By hashish2020 on 12/24/2008 11:05:17 PM , Rating: 2
You are wrong. Aston Martin and Jaguar were STILL bleeding money when they were sold...they cost Ford money EVERY YEAR they were under them, and Land Rover WAS making money...until the oil price jump

The only reason the European car industry is doing OK is because the governments of Europe have supported them. Fiat for one, hell, isn't VW owned partially by some German provincial government? And it's subsidiaries (like SEAT) get constant government handouts...

How about Fiat? That company has been bleeding money for god knows how long...hell, GM lost 2 billion dollars getting out of being forced to buy it.

Let's not even get into Saab.

By vulcanproject on 1/2/2009 5:20:04 PM , Rating: 2
ford's deadweight is the american market

landrover, aston martin profitable for several years:

finally jaguar were turning things around - tata expect jaguar to become consistantly profitable very soon. their sales, revenue was way up. so no. you are wrong. ford sold these brands as saleable assets. land rover in particular had been strong for a long time now. keep up old chap!

it is true that european car industry isnt in perfect health, i never said it was! i merely said its not in the same kind of ruin american industry is, and clearly the british brands that were highlighted were sold off as viable businesses, because ford were horribly desperate

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