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Ford lives up to the hype with the Fusion Hybrid

DailyTech has talked about the Ford Fusion Hybrid on two previous occasions. With each article, the car has grown even more impressive.

When DailyTech first visited the Fusion Hybrid, Ford boldly predicted that the vehicle would top the Toyota Camry Hybrid in the city by 5 MPG. A month later, we reported that auto journalists were able to extract 43 MPG from the Fusion Hybrid in city testing while a Ford engineer managed an even more impressive 46 MPG.

For once, it appears that an auto manufacturer is actually living up to the hype. The EPA has officially released mileage figures for the Fusion Hybrid and the vehicle does better than even Ford's initial projections of 38 MPG. In fact, the vehicle is rated at 41 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway -- 8 MPG and 2 MPG better respectively than the Camry Hybrid.

The Fusion Hybrid is able to achieve high ratings in the city thanks to its fuel efficient 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, CVT transmission, second generation hybrid system, and a lighter and more powerful battery pack.

"It's not just one thing, but thousands... We've optimized the heck out of that vehicle, it's individual components," said Fusion Hybrid program leader Praveen Cherian.

Ford's Fusion Hybrid can travel up to 47 MPH on battery power alone and will start at $27,270.

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Battery Life, Cost, and Replacement?
By Mitch101 on 12/23/2008 10:49:35 AM , Rating: 2
Curious but have questions.

How long do the batteries last?

What do they cost to replace them? Labor to replace them?

Being its a hybrid do you need to change oil every 3,000 miles still?

By technohermit on 12/23/2008 11:34:36 AM , Rating: 2
I don't think oil change intervals are 3K anymore. My Honda Element is 10K standard duty/5K in the worst case scenario. Filters and Synthetic Oil are allowing much longer drive times on your oil. And IMHO, you probably don't need to change it that often. My oil still looks like vegetable oil at 10K. Probably could change the filter, add a quart of oil and drive another 10k on that without any real downside. If everyone did that, it would probably cost the oil companies too much money though.

RE: Battery Life, Cost, and Replacement?
By PAPutzback on 12/23/2008 11:44:10 AM , Rating: 2
I think 3000 miles always a myth created by the quick change centers. 5-7k is what I go by.

RE: Battery Life, Cost, and Replacement?
By Gzus666 on 12/23/2008 11:56:48 AM , Rating: 2
No, actually it was the standard back before they improved oils, fuels and tightened their engine tolerances. The problem was the independent joints really never figured out about the change or cared to move to the new standard. Any modern vehicle, even with regular oil only requires a change around 5k for most stop and go drivers, longer if you do mostly highway driving. Move to synthetics and you can easily get 10k.

RE: Battery Life, Cost, and Replacement?
By clovell on 12/23/2008 12:13:13 PM , Rating: 2
I try to change a bit more often in air-cooled engines, but 5-7k is when I generally change oil. I don't use synthetics, though I may switch over with my next car.

RE: Battery Life, Cost, and Replacement?
By Gzus666 on 12/23/2008 12:28:47 PM , Rating: 2
Air cooled, yea I would agree. The tolerances on those are a bit more loose as they have to expand a bit more from heat. Synthetic usually isn't worth it unless you beat the crap out of a vehicle or it is high performance like a viper, vette or something of that nature.

RE: Battery Life, Cost, and Replacement?
By Jimbo1234 on 12/23/2008 1:23:11 PM , Rating: 2
Or if you live in cold climates. The OEM I used to work for did the tests. When the temperature drops below 20F, synthetic 5W30 still pours like a 5W oil. Standard oil, more like gear lube.

Synthetics are supior in many ways. By the way, my car uses 0W30. You will not find that in anything but synthetic.

By The0ne on 12/23/2008 7:18:51 PM , Rating: 2
I can't even find that at my local auto stores :P

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