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Blu-ray players and Blu-ray content showing signs of increased sales.

Despite the end of the high definition disc war with HD DVD Blu-ray has not turned in to the runaway success Sony would like it to be. Recently though there have been signs Blu-ray is finally seeing signs of quantifiable success.

In Britain Futuresource reports consumers bought 462,500 Blu-ray discs in November, an increase of 165% from October. In France, Blu-ray's share of the optical disc market is expected to double next year to 6%. In Europe, overall Blu-ray player sales are expected to reach 2.5 million units in 2009 without including the PlayStation 3.

In Japan, research firm GFK Retail and Technology reports Blu-ray disc recorders have surpassed 50% market share a significant increase from October 2007 when Blu-ray disc recorders accounted for only 10% of the market. GFK also reports Blu-ray is replacing DVD 1.5 times faster than DVD replaced VHS.

For content, the Blu-ray version of the “The Dark Knight” sold 600,000 copies in one day according to TVPredictions breaking records for high definition disc sales. Of the 3 million combined copies of “The Dark Knight” sold, Blu-ray accounted for roughly 20%.

Finally, CDR Info reports that Pony/Canon will release the first movie title on a hybrid Blu-ray/DVD disc in Japan in February. The significance of this technology is the hybrid BD/DVD disc is compatible with current DVD and Blu-ray players. Also the DVD and Blu-ray layers can be accessed without needing to flip the disc.

The hybrid disc is intended to speed the transition to Blu-ray technology and was introduced nearly four years ago. The disc conforms to specifications released by the Blu-ray Disc Association for the "Blu-ray Disc, Hybrid Format".  Infiniti storage media claims that it achieves a compatibility of 99% according to tests made on 64 Blu-ray and DVD players.

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RE: I've said it before...
By ThePooBurner on 12/22/2008 7:58:50 PM , Rating: 5
I don't see why you are saying that about his comment. He is right: It isn't a must have. At all. Or anywhere near it. Most people can't afford the players, let alone the TVs to drive the players, and then the movies are more expensive on top of that. The cost to benefit ratio is horrible. The improvement is not worth the cash to people like the upgrade from VHS to DVD was. To some it is worth it, however they are a very small portion of the market, hence why BD has a small market share. As the person you were remarking on said: Until the costs come down to a level that the lay-man feels that the cost:benefit ratio is much better it is going to stay in the niche market for those who are well to do and have money to spend on something that isn't actually anywhere near worth the price it cost them.

RE: I've said it before...
By Carl B on 12/22/2008 8:04:34 PM , Rating: 4
Considering that the crux of the issue lies on whether BD is "must have" relative to DVD as DVD was to VHS, I think it is thus noteworthy to note that the article itself alludes to an actual higher rate of transition from DVD than from VHS back in the day.

Obviously the points are clear as to why DVD was more fundamental a shift away from the preceding medium, but at the same time I think society as a whole has shifted increasingly towards a state of being where there is indeed a strong gravity associated with everything 'high def,' speeding adoption even when that high-def aspect is really the only real differentiating feature between the new and the old.

RE: I've said it before...
By Snuffalufagus on 12/22/2008 8:11:03 PM , Rating: 1
I hope it never actually hits the low price point it needs to become 'mainstream', a lot of people will be much happier if it dies out first. The most annoying prospect is that in the future, if it doesn't die out soon, there could be titles that get released exclusively on BR.

RE: I've said it before...
By Gzus666 on 12/22/08, Rating: -1
RE: I've said it before...
By 9nails on 12/23/08, Rating: -1
RE: I've said it before...
By DrKlahn on 12/23/2008 12:42:27 PM , Rating: 2
Certainly not true. We've watched Blu Ray on our small 32" 720p LCD and the difference is readily apparent vs standard DVD. Is it as nice as watching it on the 8ft screen with lossless 5.1 audio downstairs? No, but you certainly can enjoy Blu Ray on a $600 set with just the internal speakers. We've been watching Heroes Season 2 Blu Ray on it lately and it looks better than even the off air HD feeds.

RE: I've said it before...
By ummduh on 12/23/2008 7:44:02 PM , Rating: 2
by 9nails on December 23, 2008 at 12:49 AM Nice manors. But it's not polite to neglect all the other items that one must buy in order to watch the more expensive version of the same movie. First, you need this imaginary $100 player. But even then, you're only getting a portion the benefit since it wont be compatible with BD Live. You also need an HDMI cable to connect to your TV. And the TV is worthless if you don't have a set capable of 1080p and 120Hz. (Why buy obsolete equipment?) So figure spending $1,200 more on the TV set. And the built-in speakers sound like crap; surround sound is the new way to listen. So figure another $300 for an 8 channel LPCM speaker system. Ok, so now that we're all set and ready to watch Blu-Ray, the movies are going to look amazing for the $1,700 that we just spent. But wait, why don't movies look $1,700 better? You mean that we have to buy a larger TV to see the smaller pixels and appreciate the improvements or move the couch closer to the set? So now we've moved the couch, the movies we watch once or twice a week look fantastic, but now all my TV programs look like crap since we didn't upgrade our TV service - and the channels I watch aren't in HD anyways. What a waste of money. Thanks for the lousy recommendation. We should have just saved the difference and enjoyed the same movie on the lower costing DVD disk, and put the $1,700 into a stock that is at a record low...

That right there is why I don't own BR, or an HDTV.

Well, I bought an HDTV but I took it back. (a small 22" Vizio 1080P I planned on using as double duty TV/ comp monitor) I spend too much of my hard earned money to watch a friggen TV already. Then they want another 10-20$/month to make it look better?
NOT worth it.
Yea fine, it looks amazing. YAY. Still not worth the monetary outlay that it takes to get there! The day I drop over a grand on a "decent" TV is the day.. Well, I don't know. I never will. I love technology, and am only 27, but it's just not going to happen.

And I doubt I'm the only person out there that sees it this way too.

RE: I've said it before...
By JosefTor on 12/23/2008 4:06:56 AM , Rating: 4
Depends who you are talking to about being desirable. I for one think it is unneeded and will easily/quickly be replaced by digital downloads before full adoption. Up to $39 for a movie? I will barely pay $15 which I still think is overpriced. This is a format being pushed on consumers ahead of its time. I personally can barely tell the difference in performance quality and I still record shows on tv in standard definition vice HD because the size versus quality just doesn't make sense on my HDTV.

RE: I've said it before...
By Gzus666 on 12/23/2008 9:17:54 AM , Rating: 1
In his scenario, he says that he hopes it won't drop in price cause then movies will eventually only be released in Bluray. If it gets to that point, then things will be cheaper. Don't pretend like you don't get that. You won't pay $15 for Bluray? DVDs are that much. Seriously, who hopes something won't get cheaper?

If you can't tell the difference, you have a junk TV or bad eyes, cause the numbers don't lie. That is like saying your 15" 1280X1024 is fine cause you can't see the difference between it and a 24" 1900X1200 resolution monitor.

When you can start downloading Bluray quality movies all the time, let me know how many you get a year. Meanwhile normal people will be renting or buying Bluray movies and actually enjoying the movie rather than trying to download it. Most of you people who want digital downloads want them so you can pirate them anyway.

RE: I've said it before...
By Maharajamd on 12/23/08, Rating: 0
RE: I've said it before...
By Gzus666 on 12/23/2008 11:19:51 AM , Rating: 2
Yea, that makes sense. Jerks are never right. You have to be cordial and respectful of stupidity to be correct in something.

RE: I've said it before...
By Snuffalufagus on 12/24/2008 6:12:55 PM , Rating: 1
It's great how you can absolutely only see it from your point of view. You made an assumption that everyone finds Blue-ray to be desirable. I feel it is a hindrance on the advancement of technology and wish it had never made it as far as it has, in the long run we would all be better off without it. I take no offense to the moron comment, we all know it is impossible for you to see through the hair and balls.

"So, I think the same thing of the music industry. They can't say that they're losing money, you know what I'm saying. They just probably don't have the same surplus that they had." -- Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA

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