Toshiba unveils a 43nm MLC SSD with 512GB of storage

Among the issues that some users have with SSDs are price and storage capacity. It's easy to recognize that SSD perform better than a traditional HDD, but it's very difficult to argue that the increased performance justifies the often many fold increase in price an SSD commands over similar traditional HDDs.

Toshiba has addressed the easiest to defeat of the two concerns -- storage capacity. Toshiba is the first company to introduce a 512GB SSD built on 43nm MLC NAND technology. The 512GB SSD uses a traditional notebook 2.5-inch form factor and is aimed at the consumer notebook space.

Alongside the 512GB SSD Toshiba has also announced other SSDs using the same 43nm MLC technology including SSDs with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage. All of the drives use advanced MLC controller technology, which allows them to achieve higher read/write speeds, parallel data transfers and wear leveling.

The 512GB SSD is capable of maximum sequential read speeds of 240MB per second and write speeds of 200MB per second. Along with high-performance, the drives also offer AES data encryption to protect data stored on the drive.

Toshiba VP of Semiconductor Company Kiyoshi Kobayashi said in a statement, "The solid state drive market is evolving rapidly, with higher performance drives to meet market requirements, and differentiated product families targeted for appropriate applications. This new 43nm SSD family balances value/performance characteristics for its targeted consumer applications, through use of MLC NAND and an advanced controller architecture."

Toshiba says that SSDs should grab 10% of the notebook market in 2010 and grow that to 25% by 2012. Toshiba introduced its SSD line in December of 2007 and unveiled its first MLC 256GB SSD in September of 2008.

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