Netflix and Roku have not yet found the source of the streaming issues

Xbox 360 owners who were Xbox Live Gold members and had a Netflix membership were giddy when Microsoft and Netflix announced that streaming movies from Netflix would be available via the Xbox 360 with the new Xbox Experience update.

In the beginning, Xbox owners were able to stream films from Netflix just as promised, but according to CNET News, the last few weeks Xbox owners have been complaining that the streams have dropped in quality significantly.

Exactly what is causing the glitch with the streams is unknown. The Xbox isn't the only streaming Netflix device that is seeing problems with slow and unwatchable streams; the Roku Netflix box is having the same issues.

Netfilx reports that it has not yet figured out where the issue is stemming from. CNET News reports that the issue has stumped engineers from Netflix and Roku for weeks. What is known is that the problem with streams began at the same time Netflix made changes to its content distribution network.

Roku is asking users having the issue to post information about their ISP, connection speed and the part of the country they live in. Roku has gone so far as to look for a user in the San Francisco Bay Area having the issue that is willing to let engineers poke around their system.

Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said, "We can't stress highly enough that we want everyone's experience to be the best it can be. We've seen the (complaints on the message boards). It's a small number of people involved but we don't want to diminish the fact that's it important."

Swasey continued, "We're doing all of the analysis we can. We're looking at region, at carriers...we're working diligently to identify the problem. Until we have, we certainly don't want to speculate at all. Look, there's no manual to take off the shelf here. Netflix has created something new here."

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