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Camera kept rolling until the cops arrived

A throng of internet spectators watched Miami-Dade County resident Abraham K. Biggs commit suicide on a live video feed Wednesday, after leaving a suicide note on bodybuilding information forum

According to moderators, Biggs had a reputation for internet trolling – causing both the forum’s users and administrators to take his suicide threats as a joke. After posting his suicide note, Biggs switched on his feed, and proceeded to take a large number of pills before laying down on his bed.

Biggs posted on the forums under the nickname “Candiejunkie,” and his account is “feels_like_ecstacy”.

Concerned onlookers pleaded with forum members to intervene, but were instead met with cynicism “on account of his past trolling.” Mashable reports that the police intervened only after an unknown Indian man tracked down Biggs’ name and location – and even then he was met with police staff who “failed to take the call seriously.”

User chatter on’s “Misc” board indicates that the forum may have shut down for an unknown amount of time after the suicide. While it is unclear as to whether or not board administrators erased anything, at the time of this writing roughly half of the threads appearing on the board’s first page seem to discuss Biggs’ death.

Screenshots of the video feed show a police officer obscuring Bigg’s corpse, and its accompanying chat room window displayed users expressing amusement at the cops’ arrival. Before laying down, onlookers reportedly egged Biggs on, believing his suicide to be a stunt. Screenshots indicate that the video feed had about 1500 viewers.

At the time of this writing, videos of the police arriving are still viewable at YouTube.

Moderators appear to have deleted Biggs’ original thread sometime around Thursday afternoon. A Google cache snapshot, however, shows forum members responding to Biggs’ suicide note with messages like, “oh not again!”

“Why?” asked a different poster.

“I wanna die dur [sic]” Biggs replied.

Earlier in 2007, a British man hung himself after “about 100” spectators goaded him on in a chat room.

Compounding matters is the fact that suicide is a regular, misunderstood feature in internet humor – some of it mean-spirited, some of it not.

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