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I'd Rather be Naked than Play Cooking Mama  (Source: PETA)
PETA says Cooking Mama highlights the suffering of animals, I say PETA highlights the suffering of people who aren't complete tools

PETA may be best known in many circles for getting hot celebrity women to pose in the buff to promote its anti-fur campaigns. The activist organization has some pretty zany views when it comes to aligning with the masses.

The fur industry will be glad to hear that it is not the target of PETA's latest diatribe. The casual video game Cooking Mama is the target of the latest campaign to stop animal cruelty. You may be wondering how exactly a video game can promote animal cruelty.

According to PETA Cooking Mama doesn’t include enough vegetarian recipes and isn’t animal friendly. Did PETA hire Jack Thompson and no one told me? What's with the video game lunacy? Seriously, PETA… IT'S A VIDEO GAME!

I even know a couple vegetarians and while I might think they are crazy for passing up a perfect rib eye, they don’t seem to mind video games (even the ones that cook). PETA feels that the video game is designed the highlight the "immense suffering" endured by animals before they hit your dinner plate.

The only immense suffering to hit my dinner plate is when my steak is over-cooked. I'm all for preventing animal cruelty, don’t get me wrong. However, massively stupid things like this make PETA seem like nothing more than a bunch of crackpots.

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By bdot on 11/19/2008 12:46:49 PM , Rating: 3
Couldn't agree more. Just a stab at the spotlight. Oh yeah and they are crackpots, hypocrits, and terrorists.

RE: Crackpots.
By spread on 11/19/2008 12:55:29 PM , Rating: 3
Maybe you and I are thinking of a different PETA.

People Eating Tasty Animals

RE: Crackpots.
By headbox on 11/19/2008 6:11:25 PM , Rating: 2

PETA kills more animals than any non-food source organization.

They also believe people shouldn't have pets.

RE: Crackpots.
By lennylim on 11/20/2008 1:47:56 AM , Rating: 2
Never thought I'd come to the defense of the crackpot organization, but...

Euthanizing an animal may be the most ethical treatment you can give some of them.

I don't know if you're right about them against people having pets. I don't care enough to do my own research. However, I can say with absolute certainty that some people should not be allowed to have pets. Some of these people shouldn't be allowed to have kids either, but that's another topic.

RE: Crackpots.
By mmntech on 11/20/2008 8:19:42 PM , Rating: 2
Lol. Welcome to the club. We're currently fighting with that "other PETA" for the domain rights to

Nothing like taking a cute children's game and turning it into something delightfully gory. I think their version had the opposite of its intended effect on me. On another note, I saw a hawk ripping apart a dove today in my back yard. I'm curious to know what PeTA thinks about that display of "inhumane slaughter". lol

I wonder what Majesco et al have to say about this. PETA's game seems to infringe on some trademarks and copyrights to me.

RE: Crackpots.
By marvdmartian on 11/20/2008 9:44:57 AM , Rating: 2
I think it's time they offer an expansion pack for that game. Say, something along the lines of, "Cooking Mama's Roadkill Recipes", or similar. Show people how to dress out the deer they just shot, and then how to roast it.

Ought to give those PETA weenies apoplexy!! ;)

RE: Crackpots.
By AlexWade on 11/20/2008 10:00:57 PM , Rating: 2
I agree. Now I'm going to Burger King to buy 3 whoppers. All that protein and B12 I get from meat helps me think clearly. And keeps my skin from turning pasty white. Since food is the most effective way of getting essential nutrients, I'll be eating cows for a long long time.

Besides, if God didn't want us to eat meat, why did he make them so tasty?

"There is a single light of science, and to brighten it anywhere is to brighten it everywhere." -- Isaac Asimov

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