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Working Moorestown MID Prototype  (Source: Intel)
Moorestown MID promises ten times the battery life of Atom-powered MIDs

Intel is looking to the future of the Mobile Internet Device (MID) and sees a large market for the devices. Intel has unveiled the first working Moorestown platform at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Taipei. The working device was unveiled during the IDF keynote delivered by Anand Chandrasekher.

During the speech, Chandrasekher talked about the impact that the internet and mobile web has had on the lives of consumers across the world. Chandrasekher said, "Technology innovation is the catalyst for new user experiences, industry collaborations and business models that together will shape the next 40 years. As the next billion people connect to and experience the Internet, significant opportunities lie in the power of technology and the development of purpose-built devices that deliver more targeted computing needs and experiences."

Chandrasekher points to Intel's Atom processor, the upcoming Nehalem processor, and the Moorestown platform as examples of its leadership in products that help deliver internet access to consumers.

The working Moorestown device includes a SOC codenamed Lincroft that integrates a 45nm processor, graphics, memory controller, and video encode/decode onto a single chip. Moorestown also includes an I/O hub codenamed Langwell supporting a variety of I/O ports for connecting to wireless devices, storage, and display devices.

Moorestown is on track, according to Chandrasekher, to reduce power consumption on MIDs by 10x compared to the current Atom powered devices. Moorestown platforms will support a range of wireless technology including 3G, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile TV. Intel and Ericsson are working together for a HSPA module optimized for Moorestown. The small modules will measure 25x30x2 mm and have low power requirements.

Minor details of Intel's coming Core i7 processors were also revealed at IDF by Intel's Kirk Skaugen. The i7 processors are set to launch next month and Skaugen says that the parts will provide outstanding performance for gaming and content creation devices.

Intel first introduced the Moorestown platform in May of 2007. The big change with Moorestown from previous generation platforms for the same type of MID devices is that Moorestown integrates the CPU, GPU, and memory controller into one chip. Previous mobile platforms required separate chips for each function.

By combining the functions into one Moorestown chip, Intel was able to save space and power while delivering improved performance. At the time of introduction Intel roadmaps showed that Moorestown devices would be able to last a full day of mixed productivity use and net surfing with approximately 24 hour run time.

Intel didn’t offer any updated availability information at IDF 2008. The original delivery date when Moorestown was introduced was mid-2009. With low cost netbooks supporting the PC industry during the difficult economy around the world today, the Moorestown devices are in a good position in the market.

If the Moorestown MIDs come to market at roughly the same price as the Atom-powered netbooks with much greater battery life, technology fans looking for a low cost option for browsing the internet and checking email could find the Moorestown powered MIDs to be ideal for their needs.

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Someone's pissed...
By quiksilvr on 10/20/2008 12:11:45 PM , Rating: 2
I have the feeling that Intel isn't too happy that their integrated graphics not being implemented in the new Macs so they're boasting about this new platform. And who knows? Maybe their integrated graphics chips will implement this technology along with Atom to compete in the new market.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By SunAngel on 10/20/08, Rating: 0
RE: Someone's pissed...
By helios220 on 10/20/2008 12:37:49 PM , Rating: 2
According to Apple PR, their rationale for abandoning Intel integrated graphics in favor of the nVidia integrated offering (9400M) was an up to 6x performance increase over the previous Intel chip, I believe they mentioned size and power consumption gains as well but the nail in the coffin was definiately the graphics performance. Intel even put out a press release almost admitting they got womped in this round, vowing future revenge of course.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By psychobriggsy on 10/20/2008 12:37:52 PM , Rating: 2
Why would Apple choose NVIDIA over Intel?

1) GPU performance is significantly higher - also useful for CUDA, including Photoshop CS4.

2) Single chip chipset saves motherboard space.

3) Potentially cheaper.

4) Intel graphics drivers are notorious for being behind the advertised feature-set for a long time after release.

I don't think that it has lower power consumption.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By Chris Peredun on 10/20/2008 12:49:03 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think that it has lower power consumption.

It doesn't - the 9400M uses about 3W more power compared to the GM45 if you compare the chips at full load.

Mind you, for that 3W, you get a massive increase in computing power.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By SunAngel on 10/20/2008 12:58:08 PM , Rating: 2
thanks chris for reminding me we were talking mobile instead of desktop. i will gladly go with 3w additional power if it means a significant improvement in 3d performance (even though i don't game and rarely edit photos). hopefully, the pricing on the nvidia mobile chips don't add significantly to the price of the notebooks or netbooks.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By bhieb on 10/20/2008 2:15:39 PM , Rating: 5
hopefully, the pricing on the nvidia mobile chips don't add significantly to the price of the notebooks or netbooks

Probably not, but the Apple sticker will.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By Samus on 10/20/2008 11:40:11 PM , Rating: 3
nvidia is obviously giving apple a huge price cut compared to intel. remember, this is amidst nvidia recalling a number of GPU's, a loss of over 200 million dollars as a result, and a tarnished reputation to boot.

nvidia needs this, and apple needs performance gpu's. both sides win.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By MonkeyPaw on 10/20/2008 12:58:27 PM , Rating: 2
intel has a long history of driver improvements that come over time after a product is introduced.

Oh, as opposed to everyone else in the industry? Of all IGP makers, Intel has got to be the worst at driver support. Intel is great at making CPUs, but their IGPs are being pummeled by ATI and nVidia.

RE: Someone's pissed...
By Oregonian2 on 10/20/2008 1:43:25 PM , Rating: 2
You think that they wouldn't boast about their new product if it weren't for Apple? Um... I've never known Intel to ho-hum a new product of theirs -- that which you seem to suggest they would have done w/o Apple's rejection of them in one of their products.

"We shipped it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we rested." -- Steve Jobs on the iPad launch
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