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Will Microsoft's new service pack reinvigorate Vista sales on the eve of Windows 7?

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RE: Limit confusion?
By Screwballl on 10/18/2008 10:05:00 AM , Rating: 0
XP users and Vista users alike are watching information about Windows 7 very closely.
Vista users are so tired of the crap and bloat from Vista that they can't wait to move up (but they tend to also not know that you can *upgrade* to XP)... and XP users are keeping an eye out to see if they will end up using XP for a total of 15 years: either seeing that W7 is Vista Ver2 or W7 is really worth the update.

Vista has really helped people switch to a much better OS: Linux.

RE: Limit confusion?
By King of Heroes on 10/19/08, Rating: 0
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