Big mobile marketers like Google, CNN, and ESPN could be affected

Text messaging has become one of the most essential services on many mobile phones today. People from all walks of life use text messages to keep in touch with the home or office at times when it's not convenient to call.

Big corporations use text messaging in marketing campaigns and even political camps are using text messages to keep voters informed. Presidential candidate Barack Obama is one example of a politician using text messages to keep in touch with voters and supporters during his election campaign.

Text messages sent automatically to mobile users are known as mobile terminated (MT) messages. Typically, the sender of these messages pays the network provider a fee of under a penny to a few cents. RCR Wireless reports that Verizon Wireless, owner of the second largest wireless network in the U.S., has informed users of its mobile network for MT messages that it will be adding a 3 cent fee on top of the already existing messaging rates.

Verizon says that the fee increase is to cover the costs it incurs sending the messages on its network. The new 3 cent per message fee will start on November 1. The fees will apply only to standard-rate and premium programs and will not be added to text-giving or free-to-end users campaigns where the receiver of the text message pays nothing.

The messaging services that will be affected by this change are large. Services like sports updates, real-time news and horoscopes from providers like Google, CNN, and ESPN could be affected by the new fees. This would mean that the cost to users who subscribe to this sort of service would increase.

Verizon Wireless' Brenda Raney told RCR Wireless, "Just like any business, we reassess our charges to make sure they align with our costs for providing the service and sometimes it becomes necessary to make adjustments. In this instance, this is the first increase the company has implemented since the service began in 2003."

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs

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