Koei's TGS Booth

Uncharted Waters Online (Daikoukai Jidai On)

GI Jockey 2008 for the Wii
Uncharted Waters MMO and Dynasty Warriors MMO on display and playable

Among the many Dynasty Warriors-themed games at Koei’s TGS booth, two games stood out because they did not fit the mold. Those two games were Uncharted Warriors Online (Daikoukai Jidai On) and GI Jockey 2008. Uncharted Waters is a popular Japanese video game series produced by Koei that has a large cult following.

In the games, the player takes up the role of a ship captain and manages a seagoing fleet that participates in trade, treasure hunting, exploration, and piracy. The attraction of this series is the open ended game play that allows players to choose a life of piracy, exploration, international trade or a combination of the 3 choices.

Uncharted Waters Online is the evolutionary next step in the series that has taken all of the elements that made series popular and placed them in a MMO. The game is currently available on PC in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. It was announced at TGS that Uncharted Waters Online will be playable on the PlayStation 3. The game play mechanics feels very much like you are playing a sequel for one of the past games in the series such as Uncharted Waters: New Horizons. The game still revolves around one game character that you play as who develops their fleet through trade and piracy.

One of the other games on display at the Koei booth was GI Jockey 2008. This game allows the user to simulate being in a horse race as the Jockey using the Wii Fit balance board. Placing your weight forward or backward on the Wii Fit encourages your horse to go faster or slower. The Wii controllers are used to guide and whip your horse to encourage it to go faster. The controls felt cumbersome and unintuitive when racing.

The majority of the other games at the Koei booth were all Dynasty Warriors-themed games. Online versions of Dynasty Warriors and Nobunaga’s Ambition were on display and playable. 

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