Rumored new manufacturing process would be a breakthrough in notebook design

Every time a new Apple press event is announced, the speculation runs rampant. This time the press event isn’t even announced and speculation is brewing quickly.

According to 9to5mac, Apple will unveil new MacBook's at a press event to be held on October 14. The fact that new MacBook's are supposed to be coming is only half the rumor. What's making some of the biggest waves is the report that the new MacBook cases will be machined out of one solid chunk of aluminum.

The system is already being called the MacBook Brick as an ode to the solid brick-like metal chunk the new and revolutionary process is said to start with. The Brick is cut out with lasers and jets of water to produce a one piece, seamless case for the new MacBook systems.

The new manufacturing process is supposed to make design changes faster and allow Apple to reap cost savings, which will drive the price of the Mac notebooks down. 9to5mac says its source insists that the rumor of the new manufacturing system for the MacBook computers is accurate.

Advantages to the new manufacturing process will include no need to bend the metal, which reduces weak spots and folds and eliminates the need for screws to hold the case together. This should make for a sleeker looking computer that is lighter and stronger than previous MacBook designs. This is all speculation at this point and we can only wait and see if the mythical press event on the 14 of this month materializes.

The last MacBook update added new processors and a few tweaks -- nothing as interesting as this new design process.

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