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Apple has a change of heart with its NDA for released software

Apple has come under heavy criticism for its draconian Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for iPhone/iPod touch software developers. The NDA didn't allow software developers to talk with one another about the software applications that they were developing or the inner workings of the iPhone software ecosystem.

The backlash against Apple's restrictive software policies came to a boil when it rejected the Podcaster application and finally boiled over when Apple added an NDA to its rejection notices sent to developers whose software products were found unacceptable by Apple standards.

After being thrown under the bus by its own community, Apple has now reversed its position on its NDA for released software. The following was posted on iPhone Developer Program website:

We have decided to drop the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for released iPhone software.

We put the NDA in place because the iPhone OS includes many Apple inventions and innovations that we would like to protect, so that others don’t steal our work. It has happened before. While we have filed for hundreds of patents on iPhone technology, the NDA added yet another level of protection. We put it in place as one more way to help protect the iPhone from being ripped off by others.

However, the NDA has created too much of a burden on developers, authors and others interested in helping further the iPhone’s success, so we are dropping it for released software. Developers will receive a new agreement without an NDA covering released software within a week or so. Please note that unreleased software and features will remain under NDA until they are released.

Thanks to everyone who provided us constructive feedback on this matter.

Hopefully, this move by Apple will mean less confusion in the developer community and better applications for the iTunes App Store.

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RE: A Non-Solution
By Reclaimer77 on 10/1/2008 6:09:57 PM , Rating: 3
Name 3 please?

Your joking right ?? Apple has been doing this for DECADES ! Its standard practice for them. The three Michael mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

Lets see, I can code programs for a platform that has the potential customer base into the millions. Or I can code for a platform where my potential base is in the thousands. Hmmm tough one !

You think all those Mac aps you know and love started out as Mac only ? Does Apple innovate ANYTHING ?

RE: A Non-Solution
By michael2k on 10/1/08, Rating: 0
RE: A Non-Solution
By Fenixgoon on 10/1/2008 8:09:47 PM , Rating: 2
and there are how many computers running windows? enough that those 30M OSX installs look absolutely trivial by comparison.

RE: A Non-Solution
By michael2k on 10/2/2008 11:49:12 AM , Rating: 2
Who cares if it is "trivial", the whole point is it is profitable. There are more PCs than XBoxes, yet writing XBox games is profitable!

There are more Macs than PS3s, XBoxes, and Wiis combined... and on top of that, people who buy Macs spend more, and are therefore wealthier, than people who buy PCs.

Even if Apple only has 8% market share in the US this year, it still pulls in nearly 1/3 of the revenue of the entire market. The same goes to software, I am sure, and why Microsoft still produces Mac Office.

So 30m OS X installs is trivial in volume, but not trivial in value.

RE: A Non-Solution
By kelmon on 10/2/2008 3:18:17 AM , Rating: 2
Thankfully, the Mac has a dedicated community of developers that are banging out some wonderful pieces of software and their numbers continue to increase (WWDC, for example, was sold out for the first time this year). Sure, Windows has a bigger user base but developers like to write applications for their preferred platform and not everyone likes Windows. What a dull world it would be if everyone did...

It should also be noted that Apple has done some wonderful work in recent years developing the Cocoa API that has enabled application development to be much faster and deliver very impressive results for little code.

RE: A Non-Solution
By rcc on 10/2/2008 3:45:50 PM , Rating: 2
Don't get your knickers in a twist. I simply wanted the names of 3.

Although from my 1 minute research, it doesn't look like Final Cut was ever released as a PC version, but the original alpha demo had one. Considering that it was Wikipedia I'll file it in the maybe right category.

For the record, I am not a Mac user. However, yes, Apple does innovate, refine, and screwup, all in turn.

On the flip side, Microsoft is well known for buying, or legally killing, products and companies and then burying them so they don't complete.

It's a dog-eat-dog world. It's good to be the big dog.

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