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AMD Shanghai hopes to erase bad memories of Barcelona

AMD has proven to be a tough opponent for Intel in the server processor marketplace. AMD said that its latest architecture dubbed Shanghai is now ready to go. Shanghai parts are quad-core processors that are targeted at the server market.

Shanghai is also AMD's first 45-nanometer processor. AMD's last big architecture aimed at the server marketplace was the Barcelona processor that ran into significant problems in the market. One of the biggest issues with Barcelona was that the processors were delayed for eight months after their introduction.

Once the processors were finally shipped and available, AMD had issues with the performance of the parts and the CPUs suffered from other glitches. AMD promises that Shanghai will not be another Barcelona.

Pat Patla, AMD server and workstation business general manager, told CNET News, "We had some mis-starts in getting Barcelona to market and wanted to bring as much velocity to Shanghai as possible. Learn from our mistakes and, as a company, never do that again."

To help ensure that Shanghai succeeds and offer users a better experience than Barcelona, AMD put one engineer in charge of the entire Shanghai project. Patla continued saying, "the product that we put in the hands of our partners is going to be of substantial stability so they can do lots of early validation."

To improve the performance of Shanghai over Barcelona, AMD is counting on several factors. First is the move from the 65nm process of Barcelona to the 45nm process used in Shanghai. This will allow for more efficiency and better performance than Barcelona.

AMD is also moving the cache memory from 2MB to 6MB to improve performance and it says that instructions per clock cycle will be increased as well. Shanghai will also utilize AMD's HyperTransport 3, which AMD expects to be validated in Q1 2009. A 45nm desktop Shanghai part will be offered in Q1 2009 according to CNET News.

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20/20 hindsight is always good for a laugh
By Beenthere on 9/30/2008 4:21:05 PM , Rating: 2
To read the 20/20 hindsight you'd think Barcelona was some dud of a CPU when in fact it was a very sucessful CPU that has generated billions in revenue for AMD and served many people and industries quite well. Yes AMD did have some execution issues and Barcelona did not ramp or scale as AMD had hoped, but Barcelona was a very good product in the progression of CPU evolution. For those with short memories Intel's products were uncompetitive for over two years. Not every new generation of CPU meets all expectations. That's reality.

Shanghai should be a better experience for AMD and consumers. Even if Shanghai derivatives are not quite as fast as Intel's new product-of-the-week, supporting AMD is in everyone's best interest except for Intel. As history has shown time and time again, Intel and Microsucks are more than willing to violate law to obtain an illegal monopoly for pure financial gain, aka rape of consumers ala OPEC and the oil industry. IMO, unless consumers desire to be gang raped daily by the WinTels of the world, you'd be wise to spend some of your hard earned money on AMD products, which are likely to return as good or better value as Intel's products without any significant loss of usable performance. Voting with you wallet gives you CPU choices now and in the future and sends a clear message to Intel about their unscrupulous business practices.

By Pavelyoung on 10/4/2008 11:30:53 PM , Rating: 1
Yes yes, we know intel bad AMD good ugh ugh.

AMD's situation is AMD's fault. They were the ones that got lax and failed to see the intel advances, until they were slapped in the face with them. By then AMD was already a generation behind.

AMD has been trying to play catch up ever since then.

"We can't expect users to use common sense. That would eliminate the need for all sorts of legislation, committees, oversight and lawyers." -- Christopher Jennings
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