MI6 is heading to Faceboook to help recruit new employees

The British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also known as MI6, is using social networking web site Facebook to help recruit possible new recruits, it was reported over the weekend.  The company is now advertising on the website with more than 100 million active users, hoping to find a larger variety of job candidates.

"The open recruitment campaign continues to target wide pools of talent representative of British society today," a spokesperson said.  "A number of channels are used to promote job opportunities in the organization.  Facebook is a recent example."

The organization started open recruiting in early 2006, relying on radio and print ads, along with its own website when trying to find new employees.  Job hunters can go directly to the MI6 web site and search for jobs or apply for positions.  Prior to 2006, most candidates were freshly plucked from Britain's top universities, such as Oxford or Cambridge University.

MI6 is focused on keeping Britain safe from overseas threats.

An increasingly larger number of companies have used Facebook to help recruit potential employees, but most companies work in the private sector, and don't involve foreign intelligence.

The intelligence community has looked towards Facebook and other social networking sites for different purposes, as the CIA and FBI both are involved with their own networking web site.  The A-Space web site is designed so analysts can share information on enemy movement in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with sharing data over a secured network with other intelligence networks.

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