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Sony to allow one official download per purchase

According to an Ars Technica article, PlayStation 3 owners who download video through the PlayStation Network Video Store are allowed one official download, and if necessary, one additional download after contacting customer service. The files cannot be backed up and moved to another hard drive or copied onto a CD or DVD.

An Ars Technica forum poster found this out the hard way after he deleted video content to make room on his hard drive and then found he could not re-download the content. Sony’s official policy is “Purchased content can be downloaded to a single PlayStation 3 or a single PSP system”, and "Purchased content can be played on a single PlayStation 3 system and up to 3 PSP systems simultaneously". Their policy on downloads is, “Content cannot be re-downloaded once it has been downloaded to either a PlayStation 3 or PSP system”.

Ars Technica looked in to this policy and received a response from Lincoln Davis, who handles media relations for the PlayStation Network, "If a consumer deletes a purchased movie from their PS3, they will not be able to re-download the movie without assistance from SCEA's consumer services". According to Davis, allowing paying customers to download their purchases more than once is a courtesy, "Consumer service can issue a re-download as a one-time courtesy, as provided by our guidelines”.

The implications of Sony Corp’s policies are consumers who encounter more than one instance of hard drive failure or accidental file deletion may be out of luck. Despite being a system with multiple hard drive configurations and actively encouraging do it yourself hard drive replacement, Sony Corp’s policies appear to be designed to limit free use of content purchased for your PlayStation 3

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RE: Nothing will ever overtake the PC
By BZDTemp on 9/24/2008 6:53:56 PM , Rating: 2
No reason to download full games to get ease of use. Just get a no-cd hack and follow the instructions that come with it.

Usually it's simply a case of doing a full install from the orginal CD/DVD and then replace an exe-file with a hacked one not loading all the DRM crap. No games do activation/DRM stuff at install time, so this way you get to play with ease and without downloading warez.

By kilkennycat on 9/24/2008 7:47:08 PM , Rating: 2
No games do activation/DRM stuff at install time....

Er, you seem to be a little out of date, at least with respect to DRM on PC games. Bioshock is SecureROM protected and activates on-line at install time. A "no-CD" crack will get around having the disk in the machine to play the game, but does not get around the on-line activation at install which uses a Steam-like decryption of key play-disk contents at install-time. Also, the PC version of Bioshock used to have a 5-activation limit, but the limit was removed by the publisher (2K Games) mid-June this year, now that the bulk of this game's sales are over. Have you noticed the huge uproar with regard to SecureROM DRM with limited activation-counts on current and future EA games for the PC - Spore, Mass Effect, Red Alert3 etc....??

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