11.6% of survey respondents own a Blu-ray disc recorder

Kakaku, a Japanese price comparison website, surveyed Japanese consumers' intention to purchase a Blu-ray Disc recorder. The company conducted the survey via the internet among registered Kakaku users from Aug 18 to August 28 and received 4,978 responses. The survey was summarized and analyzed on Asian technology news site TechOn.

According to the survey, respondents who currently own a Blu-ray Disc recorder accounted for 11.6%, more than 10% of all the respondents. Of those who did not own a Blu-ray Disc recorder at the time of the survey, a total of respondents who "wish to buy one" (16.7%) and "consider buying one" (39.0%) surpassed 50% of all the respondents. Roughly 31.5% of respondents stated they "have no intention to buy one"

Asked when they bought a Blu-ray Disc recorder, more than 60% of the respondents who own a Blu-ray Disc recorder said "within the last six months."  The end of the high definition format war in February and the appearance of lower priced Blu-ray Disc recorders appear to have been enough to convince these consumers to take the plunge. Respondents who bought a Blu-ray Disc recorder "more than six months but less than a year ago" made up 27.4% of respondents.

To the question why they bought a Blu-ray Disc recorder, 68.5% of all respondents said, "to store digital broadcasts with high video quality." Also, 44.2% said, "To enjoy high-definition movies and content," followed by the answer, "Because the next-generation DVD format has been standardized to Blu-ray Disc" (40.2%).

On the other side of the coin people who responded they have no intention to buy a Blu-ray Disc Recorder were asked why and 58.8% said, "Because Blu-ray Disc recorders are pricey." Those who said, "Because Blu-ray media is expensive," made up the next largest portion at 46.5%. Those results indicate that prices of Blu-ray Disc products are still acting as a barrier for further Blu-ray adoption

Although Blu-ray adoption is gaining momentum in Japan the final barrier for mass market adoption appears to be price. It remains to be seen if future price drops in all Blu-ray related products will be enough to convince all Japanese consumers they should have a Blu-Ray Disc recorder in their homes.

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