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32GB OCZ Core SATA II SSD $99 after Rebate
SSDs dip below $100

It's been quite some time since DailyTech has posted a Daily Hot Deals post, but this particular deal is simply too mind-blowing to pass over. Newegg currently has the recently released 32GB OCZ Core Series SATA II SSD for $159 -- MWAVE also lists the drive for the same price. There is also a $60 manufacturer's rebate which drops the price down to $99 -- this is a new low for high-speed solid state drives.

The 32GB Core Series SSD has write speeds of 83MB/sec and read speeds of 120MB/sec.

There have been some concerns raised about the performance issues of OCZ's MLC-based Core Series SSDs in recent tests, but the sub-$100 price tag may just be low enough to get some users to at least give the burgeoning technology a try.

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So when...
By 325hhee on 9/9/2008 11:06:46 AM , Rating: 2
Will these drives be ready for gaming, the only thing I don't like about sata drives is the ridiculously slow transfer rates from HD, to bridge, to bus, to CPU.

I'm hoping for a more direct connection with better bus speeds between SSD, bridges and the CPU. That seems to be the bottle neck.

RE: So when...
By vcespon on 9/9/2008 1:08:49 PM , Rating: 2
Two clarifications:

Both OCZ and Intel state the MAXIMUM transfe rates for their SSD, which, being MLC-based, are achieved when doing very large transfers, above 1 MB. This is not the typical situation on an operating system, where many small reads and writes happen at the same time.
When working with 1 KB - 16 KB transfers those drives are very slow, can only do a few I/O per second, so it takes longer than a regular HDD, which does not have a write penalty.

The disks (all the current disks) are in no way limited by the SATA interface. The new Intel SSD delivers 200 MB/s maximum, the SATA interface is 3 Gb/s, 8b10 encoded, so 300 MB/s.

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