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iPod nano 4G Rendering  (Source: Engadget)

iPod 4G Renderings  (Source: iLounge)
4G iPod line expected to be announced at event

We haven't heard much from the Apple camp in respect to new products since it launched the iPhone 3G that is currently doing well in the marketplace. Apple is the number one brand in MP3 players with the iPod line sitting far above its competitors on the sales charts.

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Apple would soon introduce new iPod models. Renderings have been surfacing showing the possible design of the new iPod nano and iPod touch players. Engadget has a rendering of the new iPod nano that is advertising some sort of screen protector for the device.

The 4G nano ditches the short, fat design that was not popular with the 3G nano and returns back to a tall, slim design much closer to the design of previous generation nano players. The 4G nano has a flat screen, but the player itself is rounded on the edges.

Renderings of a new iPod touch have surfaced as well that show it to be in a case very similar to that of the new iPhone 3G. The design change is really no surprise considering the old touch used the same chassis as the original iPhone. According to iLounge, the new iPod nano will measure 38.75mm x 90.75mm x 6.08mm. Those dimensions -- if accurate -- would make the 4G nano slightly taller and thinner than previous nanos.

The rendering also gives the supposed dimensions of the touch as well. The touch is reported to measure 111mm x 61.8mm x 8.4mm -- making it roughly the same size as the original iPod touch.

MacRumors reports that a September 9 press event from Apple has been confirmed. It is assumed the 4G iPod nano and 2G iPod touch will be introduced at this event. Other possible upcoming announcements include updated MacBook and MacBook pro systems.

MacRumors, however, believes that updates to the MacBook won’t come until October though.

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Who did those dimensions?
By pauldovi on 9/4/2008 1:09:41 PM , Rating: 1
Must of been a computer engineer that dimensioned that ipod in the picture, because it is pretty retarded.

RE: Who did those dimensions?
By lifeblood on 9/4/2008 1:56:03 PM , Rating: 2
I've used an earlier Nano (tall & skinny) and own the Nano 3G. I prefer the 3G with it's short & wide format. I bought an optional skin and belt clip for it which works quite well. I'm not sure the tall & skinny design would work as well.

Still, to each his own.

RE: Who did those dimensions?
By omnicronx on 9/4/2008 4:25:40 PM , Rating: 2
I totally agree, especially if you intend to watch any video on your nano (which was the reason it had that shape).

By Mojo the Monkey on 9/5/2008 4:21:53 PM , Rating: 2
I suspect that it will have the same video playback capability, but that it will lay widescreen on its side, so that you hold it horizontal to view video.

Actually, if this is NOT the case, someone should be fired.

RE: Who did those dimensions?
By Parhel on 9/4/2008 3:05:40 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure which picture you mean, but to me the photograph looks distorted. The circle doesn't look quite like a circle, and the whole thing doesn't look quite square. I may be wrong, but I suspect that picture was resized, unintentionally changing the shape.

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