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Microsoft will be offering new 120GB and 8GB Zune models

Microsoft launched its Zune digital audio players (DAP) hoping to dethrone Apple and its dominating iPod from the top of the DAP heap. As it turns out, the Zune proved to be no match for the iPod. The iPod sits firmly at the top of the sales pecking order while Microsoft languishes much farther down the list of the most popular DAPs around.

Despite the sales figures, not being what Microsoft hoped for, it is still trudging along with new models and updates to the software to bring about the "Zune Social". In May of 2008, Microsoft launched the Zune 2.5 update and episodes of TV shows. Later in May of 2008, GameStop announced that demand for the Zune in its stores was so low it would no longer be carrying the products.

Engadget reports that information on new Zune models has surfaced from B&H Photo. A 120GB Zune in black will be available for $249.95. An 8GB Blue flash-based Zune will be available for $149.95. Zunerama reports that it has received a screen shot from someone at Wal-Mart that shows the black 80GB Zune and the 4GB Zune have been discontinued. The screen shot is so blurry as to be virtually unreadable.

If the screenshot is accurate, it would seem the 80GB hard drive based Zune is being replaced with the 120GB version. The 4GB flash based Zune is phased out in favor of the 8GB version.

The players would go head to head with Apple's classic iPod 80/160 GB players, priced at $249/$299, and its 8GB flash iPod Nano, generally available for around $179.99.  In the previous generation, the iPod featured better battery life, while the Zune sported a bigger screen and some extra features, though there's no telling how the next generation models of the two players will stack up.

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By therealnickdanger on 9/3/2008 11:43:14 AM , Rating: 1
I can't wait to NOT buy it! :P

Sorry... I'm sure the new Zune will be great. It's hard for me to get excited for PMPs when I can stream my music, video, and picture library from home to my phone (Sprint Touch) using Orb. If I'm not within EVDO range, the memory card can hold plenty of my favorites until I'm able to connect again.

RE: Awesome!
By omnicronx on 9/3/2008 11:55:48 AM , Rating: 2
I do the same thing as you, but I can't stand having to bring that stupid mini-USB attachment with me everywhere I go in order to listen to music. I've already lost 3 of them =P

The zune is pretty cool, it syncs over wireless and I like the interface much better than the Ipod, the 'squicle' touch pad is pretty cool too. The only downfalls it has are, the countless amounts of ipod accessories that available compared to the zune. You can buy a good ipod radio for 40-50 bucks if you know where to find it. And The fact that MS is trying to sell the zune at exactly the same price as the Ipod is pretty mind boggling.

The zune has to be priced at least 20$ lower than the ipod to get any tranction at all whatsoever, I don't know what MS was thinking, regardless of the extra features that the zune provides, they still have to outprice the Apple image in order to get sales. You would think with the billions of dollars spent on market research they would have come to this conclusion...

RE: Awesome!
By Totally on 9/3/2008 4:02:45 PM , Rating: 2
but that's where marketing and public image rear their ugly heads. Apple would probably pump out campaigns that the Zune is inferior and the lower price is proof.

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