The Yamanote Line Watch provides arrival and departure information for major Tokyo stations

Imagine a watch that tells you down to the minute when your train is coming. Impossible? It’s a reality in Japan thanks to watch maker Seahope Japan which has just introduced the Yamanote Line Watch. The Yamanote Line is Japan’s most important train line that links to all major stations in Tokyo.

Officially licensed by the railway network operating the line, the Yamanote Line Watch displays the current time and date on its extra-clear OLED display, the watch also shows departures and arrivals for one specific station. There are four different models available: Shinjuku station, Shinagawa, Ebisu and Ikebukuro all major train stations. All four will be available with either metal or leather straps for $231 and $212 respectively.

The fact a different watch is needed for each specific station makes this watch less than practical. If the watch were able to tell me the arrival and departure times of all stations on the Yamanote line I would consider purchasing one.

I hope one day we will have a watch or cell phone that can tell me arrival and departure times for all stations in Tokyo including up to date information such as delays. Due to the fact multiple companies run multiple train systems in Tokyo this dream is a long way off.

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