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The contest is now officially over

So it's official. A programmer named Blanka was able to get past all of the EFI issues and has provided a working solution to natively run Windows XP on an a Mac. The programmer can now claim the $13,854 prize thanks to his video of the installation and booting of Microsoft's ubiquitous OS on an Intel-based iMac. posted this on its site:

Contest has been won - updates to follow shortly. All further donations will go into an account to sustain the open source project that will be launched with the initial solution.

You can head on over to Engadget to see a 7.7MB video of Windows XP on a Mac.

For those of you unfamiliar with the contest, here were the rules for $13k prize:
  1. Instructions must boot Windows XP (at least), not Vista or any other version of Windows.
  2. Windows must be able to coexist with Mac OS X and each system may not interfere with the operation of the other (basically a traditional dual boot system where one OS is running at a time)
  3. Your method, upon starting the computer, must offer the user to boot either OS X or Windows XP (hint: GRUB / LILO)
Update 03/16/2006: OnMac has now posted the solution and have included a few mirrors to handle all of the traffic. Included is a bootloader and a "how to" guide in zip format.

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Interesting, but how functional?
By krill242 on 3/17/2006 4:13:56 PM , Rating: 2
I'm all about the multipurpose hardware in the datacentre these days, its the way to go... so I want the same at home too, of course.

For my music interests and interface experimentation interests, my main sit-down dual-head workstation needs to be able to run my business and be my playtoy at the same time.

Proper hypervisors will negate the need for this idea, but here's a use case for what Apple is selling today, with this EFI/BIOS wrapper wang they came up with.

If I had three OSes on my local disk (or on an otherwise attached LUN), and each of them had a good hibernate function (and drivers that can cope with that state)... you could switch back and forth between OSes with at least keeping local state happy (no good for actual running services or keeping connections up - buy a server).

Would make a portable core duo Mac with a fast disk and a heap of RAM a very versatile investment.

Anyone know when VMWare or Xen will be emulating EFI in their VMs?

RE: Interesting, but how functional?
By kelmon on 3/20/2006 2:38:18 AM , Rating: 2
I understand that OS X versions of these products are expected later this year. This should coincide with MacBook Pro time for me when Merom hits the product line and at that point I should be able to evaluate the various options available to me (which should be be i) Dual-Boot, ii) VirtualPC-like emulation, or iii) Virtualization). I have an old Windows XP PC in the house that I keep for playing the odd game and if I REALLY need Windows for a job but given its age, low performance and the space that it takes up I would really like to get rid of it. Since I have been planning to upgrade my PowerBook anyway, being able to run XP (or even Vista) would allow me to kill 2 birds with one stone and that'd be great. The decision on the implementation to use will greatly depend on the convenience/performance ratios of each solution. In real terms I think this is going to come down to whether Virtualization or Emulation solutions will give Windows full access to the video hardware in the laptop, although even that is not possible at the moment for the current Dual Boot solution on the iMac and MacBook Pro.

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