12.1-inch Dell Latitude  (Source: Dell)
New Dell notebooks feature quad-core processors and more

It's common at this time year to see many new notebooks being introduced by different notebook manufacturers for back-to-school. Not all the new notebooks produced this time year are aimed at students, as Dell has demonstrated with its new notebooks announced today.

Dell announced new Precision mobile workstation notebooks supporting new mobile Intel quad-core processors, RAID configurations, and 17-inch screens offering 100% of the Adobe color gamut. Dell is mum on hard-core details of the new Precision notebooks, but does say that the notebook will have support for more than 8GB of memory and will offer video cards with 512MB of dedicated graphics memory.

Dell also announced a new line of Latitude laptops. Dell says for business notebooks thin and light is a barrier of entry and the battery life is critically important. In addition to those factors, connectivity is very important and as well as design of the notebook. The new line of Latitude introduce technologies that haven't been seen in Latitude notebooks before including backlit keyboards, external SATA drive connections, DisplayPort capability, and USB power share.

Dell's USB power share is very similar to technology from Toshiba that allows the USB port to charge devices -- that get power from USB -- even when the computer is turned off. Dell says that some of the new Latitude systems -- when configured properly -- can get up to 19 hours of battery life.

Dell says that most of the new models offer multiple connectivity options including 802.11n, multiple mobile broadband options, ultra-wideband, and Bluetooth 2.1. Some of the new notebooks are even WiMAX ready and can be ordered with GPS according to Dell. To go along with Dell's recent consumer marketing efforts promoting different colors of the same notebook for different users, Dell will also offer multiple colors on the Latitude notebook line.

Dell offers some specifications on its new Latitude models including the 12-inch Latitude E4200, which starts at only 2.2 pounds. The Latitude E4300 starts at 3.4 pounds and is first Latitude to feature a 13.3-inch display. Dell is also introducing Latitude models called the E5400 and the E5500 designed for customers looking for value. The E5400 is a 14.1-inch notebook, with prices starting at $839 and the E5500 is a 15.4-inch notebook with prices starting at $869.

The to the mainstream Latitude notebooks include the 15.4-inch Latitude E6500, which supports stringent Federal Information Processing Standards, a backlit keyboard, and many more features starting from $1,169. Dell also notes that it has unveiled the Latitude E6400 ATG semi-rugged laptop.

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