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Seeks to expel students who digitally harass others

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RE: What's wrong with society?
By mmntech on 8/13/2008 9:35:10 AM , Rating: 3
That's pretty much it. Besides, don't we already have a law against that? It's called stalking. It's a pretty sad statement that bullies are actually going through the trouble of anonymously hunting their victims down online. Back in my day, bullies had the balls to do it in person. lol

I think these anti-cyberbullying laws present a slippery slope. As I said before, we already have laws for libel and stalking. We risk overlegislating ourselves, and that's never good. The fact that cyberbullying happens is not because we don't have tough enough laws, but because we've failed society in identifying and treating mental health issues. Obviously the 13 year old who offed herself had previous mental issues. Which brings me to the second fault of anti-cyberbullying laws. It's just a bandaid solution so governments and individuals don't have to tackle the real issues behind it.

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