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2010 Honda Insight  (Source: LeftLane News)
Fuel economy is rumored to be around 71 MPG

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you know the price should be cheaper
By mercilessming on 8/6/2008 9:58:18 AM , Rating: 2
I was all about trucks, at 32 right now I started driving at 16 and all but 2 years drove Ford Rangers and My 05 Nissan Frontier. Gas prices aren't bothering me, but everytime I ride in some ones small accord or corolla I get a feeling of nostalgia for a small car again, because I remember how much fun I had zipping around in my 91 escort during some of college. A crew cab Frontier pre anti SUV was around 20k more or less....all these small cars even non-hybrids asking price is around 16 to 18 K, so per pound the Frontier type Trucks are still better deal. I think a loaded out "econo" car should be 15k max with and cheaper as options decrease....

By Spuke on 8/6/2008 12:56:43 PM , Rating: 2
Safety, emissions and luxury goodies have upped the price on eco-cars. You do get more for your money though, IMO.

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