NVIDIA brushes aside the latest reports of its chipset demise

NVIDIA has been making the news quite a bit in the past few days. Earlier this week, there was speculation that NVIDIA could be in a prime position to provide chipsets for Apple's next generation MacBook notebooks.

However, earlier today, reports began to spring up stating that NVIDIA would drop its 790i motherboards and leave the chipset business altogether. The reports cited "sources" close to top Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers.

NVIDIA recently contacted DailyTech to quash the information regarding it leaving the chipset business. NVIDIA's Brian Burke made it clear that NVIDIA's chipset business is stronger than ever and touched on these three points:

  • Mercury Research has reported that the NVIDIA market share of AMD platforms in Q2 08  was 60%. We have been steady in this range for over two years.
  • SLI is still the preferred multi-GPU platform thanks to its stellar scaling, game compatibility and driver stability.            
  • nForce 790i SLI is the recommended choice by editors worldwide due to its compelling combination of memory performance, overclocking, and support for SLI.

Burke went on to say that "we're looking forward to bringing new and very exciting MCP products to the market for both AMD and Intel platforms."

While NVIDIA has made it clear that it has no intention of packing up and leaving the chipset business, the jury is still out on whether Apple will use NVIDIA chipsets in upcoming products.

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