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Many fear that the thick smog, pictured here in a shot of Beijing last week, may return and have serious health effects on those attending the games. The U.S. EPA says that the smog can cause a wide array of health problems.  (Source: AP)

It's hard to see where the Olympics sign is pointing to exactly amid all the fog.  (Source: AP)
China adopts drastic measures as athletes prepare for the worst in the summer games

China has a variety of concerns as it approaches the 2008 Summer Olympics, which will be held in August.  China, young in the world of global superpowers has looked to put a good foot forward, designing stunning structures to show that it is a global force on par with the U.S. and the European Union

However, a number of less attractive features await those traveling to China.  For one, DailyTech chronicled how China plans to snoop on the internet use of its guests and plans to follow a similar site-blocking policy in its press internet areas as it does with its own national internet networks.  However, perhaps the greatest concern to athletes and fans attending the games alike is China's monumental pollution problems.

China leads the world as the largest carbon polluter.  However, it’s the other types of pollution that make up the thick Chinese smog that have health experts concerned.  Among them is the emission of nitrogen dioxide, which China leads the world in, according to satellite photos taken by the European Space Agency in 2005.  NO2 is a toxic gas that causes a variety of respiratory problems, even at low levels of inhalation.

As weather plays a major role in the drifting clouds of smog which circulate around China eventually making their way to the U.S. or elsewhere, China hopes to synthetically control the weather with antiaircraft guns and rocket launchers to prevent rain.  Now China has revealed an even more dramatic, though less strange, plan to try to protect the games against pollution in case of stagnant air.

Stagnant air is the biggest threat to the games as it traps the smog over urban areas.  The many photos of Beijing, where the games will be held showing thick smog are taken under such conditions.  This contrasts with the clean blue skied look when air is circulating at a faster pace, bringing in clean air to mix with the polluted air.

A key factor to alerting to such conditions is accurate prediction.  If such stagnant conditions are predicted to occur within 48 hours, under the new plan China will halt all construction projects nationwide and further reduce the number of vehicles on the streets.  China hopes these efforts will produce a temporary reduction in air pollution that will prevent the Summer Games from becoming the "Smog Games".  The Chinese Environmental Ministry formulated the new plan with the help of the cities of Beijing and Tianjin and Hebei province.  It was announced last Thursday at a press conference. 

Still, some fear the efforts won't be enough.  Lo Szeping of Greenpeace states, "Beijing's air quality is probably not yet up to what the world will be expecting from an Olympic hosting city."

While some may not trust the advice of Greenpeace, many prestigious doctors have warned that high levels of pollution will hurt athletes' performance.  They say endurance sports like distance running will be hit especially hard.  This is due to the fact that endurance athletes breathe in far more air -- for example marathoners breathe 10 times as much air in a given period as a normal person.

Malcolm Green of the British Lung Foundation says there can also be significant health risks, aside from poor performance and visibility.  He states, "Pollution goes down into the lungs. It can cause inflammation, it can cause people who have asthma to get asthma episodes, and so, generally, it is not very helpful to athletes."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is warning that the brew of nitrogen dioxide and other chemicals in China's air may cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, and may cause impaired lung function and increased respiratory infections.

Some athletes have refused to compete on the world's largest stage due to the risks to their health.  Haile Gebrselassie, a world-record holding Ethiopian distance runner and heavy favorite chose not to attend the games.  He suffers from asthma and is fearful that the pollution could have a dire impact on his health.

Other athletes are coming but looking for ways to protect themselves against the pollution.  Many are considering wearing masks.  Jarrod Shoemaker, a U.S. triathlete, has taken to wearing a mask in training to prepare for this.  He states, "This past year, I wore a mask all the way up to the race and after the race to see if it would work, and I felt perfectly normal, perfectly fine.  So I definitely think it worked and that's my plan again for this year."

Ultimately that may become the reality athletes are faced with as China efforts seem to have little immediate impact.  In a move labeled by some as draconian, the Chinese shut down temporarily a number of factories, and construction sites last week.  It also effectively cut the number of cars on Beijing streets by half -- only allowing odd-numbered license plates one day and even number ones the next.  Unfortunately, the efforts showed no immediate impact on air pollution levels, as China's much of China's yearly output still hangs in the sky.

In fact, due to atmospheric conditions, this week air quality in Beijing dramatically worsened.  The city was blanket in thick smog, which choked citizens and visitors and blocked out sunlight.  Rain helped to clear the smog early this week, and meteorologists are hopeful that the weather patterns may clear much of the smog in time for the opening ceremony on August 8.

While the emergency plan will not close all factories, it will call for 105 factories in Beijing and more than 106 others outside the city, to additionally be closed.  Also, only license plates with a number ending in the same number as the ending number of the day of the month would be allowed.  This would effectively cut traffic by a factor of ten.  The odd/even driving day plan would also be put in effect in the city of Tianjin and the province of Hebei.

Some argue that the efforts are not enough.  Others argue that the efforts are too punitive and that no environmental concerns should stand in the way of free business operation.  Chinese officials, though, believe the plan is just right and remain optimistic that their efforts will be enough to curb pollution at the games.  Says Du Shaozhong of China's Environment Protection Bureau, "We are still optimistic that during the Olympics we can reduce pollution well below our target thresholds."

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RE: "global superpowers"
By rninneman on 8/1/2008 4:02:06 PM , Rating: 3
Like, President Bush's Budget Deficit reaching record highs, when there was a budget surplus before he took office. Sounds real conservative to me.

Bush is not a conservative; he is a neo-con. Just because someone calls himself something doesn't make it true. The saying goes a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. That goes both ways. It's not the name that matters; it's the substance.

Liberals are just as guilty. The majority of the deficit is due to socialist entitlement programs. Look it up sometime; the federal budget is publicly available. You will see defense spending accounts for only 20% of the budget. Where do you think the rest of that waste comes from? Both parties have failed this country. This brings me to my next point.

I could also use over-generalizations and sweeping statements, that demonize the individuals that oppose my own personal views, and implying that they are only what their political party tells them to be. Most of these implications being totally false. For Example: "You Republicans only care about the rich, making the rich even more rich, even at the cost of human life, as long as most of those losses aren't from rich families."

Well, I'll be darned, that makes republicans sound pretty evil doesn't it? The fact that it isn't true for the vast majority of republicans(99.999%) doesn't really matter, they've been all grouped together with the worst stereotypes there are about the republican party, effectively making it sound almost evil to BE a republican.

I didn't say Republican; I said conservative. There's a difference. Many moderate liberals do/did not support those policies and I never insinuated they did. I stand by what I said about true conservatives vs. true liberals. I also stand by my assessment of those policies.

I could also talk about a bunch of my opinions, passing them off as facts, to further my point.

The reason for this rant? I am voting democrat, but not because I embrace all of the party's beliefs, but because I agree with the stance of the democratic party on more things than I do the republican party. But, it's not by a wide margin. I lost a great deal of respect for the Nobel Peace Prize when it was awarded to Gore. He's just a sensationalist crackpot. I don't agree that we should be pulling troops out of Iraq asap, we should make sure the situation will remain stable there without our help. I can't agree with legal abortion. There are many other things on which I agree with the general republican viewpoint.

My point? Please don't make any far reaching generalizations about anyone of a particular group, because a group is made up of individuals, many of whom are fully capable of thinking for themselves, and almost none of these individuals fit the description of that group completely.

Why would you vote for Obama with the views you just espoused? (I can't say anything about your other representatives since I don't know where you live.) John McCain is a liberal that shares your views. The Democrat party has been hijacked by far left liberals while the Republican party has been or is at least in the process of being hijacked by neo-cons. (Remember that whole thing about just because someone calls himself a Republican, doesn't make him a conservative.)

Democrats got the American public drunk on entitlement programs decades ago and the Republicans feared they were done for if they didn't support some similar entitlements. They alienated their base and now we have two useless parties. I wish there would be a third, fourth or even more major parties with influence to balance the other two. It would bring back balance to our government and hopefully foster more productive debate among conservatives and liberals.

By the way, you didn't actually refute my points.

RE: "global superpowers"
By Etsp on 8/1/2008 5:22:21 PM , Rating: 2
This is true, you didn't use the terms democrat or republican, just liberal and conservative. But, the fact that Bush is not a conservative furthers my point about giving bad examples that sound true on the surface. But, just out of curiosity, how would you have labeled Bill Clinton? Was he liberal or conservative?

I am voting for Obama because to me, he would be the one whose views are closest to mine among the mainstream candidates. Also because I am young enough to be taken in by the idea of sweeping changes in Washington, and additional restriction on lobbyists. To me, whether the actual changes made are large or small, they will still be a step in the right direction.

Also, I didn't refute any of your points because that wasn't what my post was about. I posted because I found myself needing to point out the difference between opinion and fact. Blaming liberals for crippling economic growth has little basis in fact.

But, I do agree with you, the two major parties are in dire need of a shakedown and a reality check. Both parties are becoming so polarized away from each other, that the american people are finding it harder and harder to relate to them. A third major party would probably shock the system enough to get them back into shape.

RE: "global superpowers"
By rninneman on 8/1/2008 6:11:55 PM , Rating: 2
Your logic is flawed. You are saying I gave bad examples yet you also admit you weren't trying to refute my points. My points were based on examples. I didn't give data because I think the three examples I used regarding economic growth were blatantly obvious. (High taxes, trade agreements, and environmental fascism) Name one conservative that supports any of those three.

...I am young enough to be taken in by the idea of sweeping changes in Washington...

Apparently young enough to get fleeced by an empty suit. Obama will do nothing to reform Washington other than have it keep on marching towards Marxism. Despite what he says, he takes lots of PAC money. He won't alienate the people who got him where he is. (Why do you think the far left is getting so pissed at him now for suddenly flip-flopping after he clinches the nomination?) He built his primary campaign on one platform and is now quickly shifting to play the game of politics that he says he transcends. Bullshit. He is an arrogant elitest.

You are flat out wrong about liberals and economic growth. I gave three broad examples which you won't and cannot refute. In fact, since you asked, Bill Clinton was and still is a liberal. He pushed for NAFTA, he vetoed ANWR drilling, and while there was a surplus by the end of his second term, he did not want to lower taxes. He didn't have to raise taxes because he was lucky enough to be in office during the information revolution which spurred tremendous economic growth with low inflation. So he was able to do nothing but stain interns' dresses while the country hummed along. It took a while to feel the effects of his malfeasance. Companies don't move factories and jobs overnight and ANWR didn't become a big issue until recently because of global demand. Name a conservative program that has done that much damage to the economy.

The problem with just a third party and not more is that it may take too many voters away from just one existing party giving the other incumbent party an easier time to maintain a majority. This is what happened in the 92 presidential election. Ross Perot stole mostly Republican votes and consequently Bill Clinton was elected with a plurality, not a majority. (He was also elected with less than 50% of the vote in 96.) Unfortunately, the two parties in place will do there damnedest to keep it the two party system it is. In so doing, as you said, they are polarizing the country to the point of revolt against them.

RE: "global superpowers"
By lucre on 8/2/2008 7:12:06 PM , Rating: 2
Liberals are just as guilty.

Both parties have failed this country.

Finally you hit something important.

instead of arguing about who is more guilty... lets umm.. idk... do something about it.
But since we are on the topic of blame...
Politicians arent the only ones who have failed the country... this country has failed the country. We set the bar high in the 30's and 40's and hav since dropped the ball... not just the politicians... everyone
Americans have the unfortunate tendency to let problems fester far after they get out of hand before we act. Our political situation is no different. No matter what political beliefs you have... its not as though you didn't notice the increase in political scandal and irresponsible politicians.
the US has slowed tremendously in staying ahead of the rest of the world.

The decline in US manufacturing that began in the 1960s didn't accelerate once NAFTA passed.

the difference in wages between US and most other nations has actually declined sharply in the last 50 years

President Bush's Budget Deficit reaching record highs, when there was a budget surplus before he took office

The Democrat party has been hijacked by far left liberals while the Republican party has been or is at least in the process of being hijacked by neo-cons
the two major parties are in dire need of a shakedown and a reality check

Congradulations... you can read and watch national news
now what would happen if you *gasp* instead of complaining and snivling about who is most at fault... work on ways to improve the situation...

The American political system is completely dependent on the american people... therefore; if we dropped these immature and inhibitive partisan politics, if we stood up and said " We will not stand for this " instead of whining about what we see on the news... we wouldnt be in this predicament.

p.s. for clarification... you may want to look up what the con in neo-con stands for before you go trying to say neo-cons are not conservatives.

RE: "global superpowers"
By rninneman on 8/4/2008 11:55:16 AM , Rating: 2
Oh, I didn't realize we were whining. I thought we were having civil discussion. As far as what other posters or myself are doing about it; it's awfully arrogant of you to assume we are doing nothing about it. You don't know me, nor do you know the majority if any other posters here. Your assumptions make you look foolish and ignorant. Ignorance is unfortunately once of the root causes of the current state of American politics. Since you brought it up, what are you doing about it?

p.s. for clarification... you may want to look up what the con in neo-con stands for before you go trying to say neo-cons are not conservatives.

Statements like that only further prove your ignorance. What do you think "con" stands for? Since you don't know, here is some reading to get you started.

RE: "global superpowers"
By kc77 on 8/4/2008 7:19:39 PM , Rating: 2
I think he's talking about the literal meaning as in Neo = new and con = conservative.

RE: "global superpowers"
By kc77 on 8/4/2008 7:11:33 PM , Rating: 2
The majority of the deficit is due to socialist entitlement programs. Look it up sometime; the federal budget is publicly available. You will see defense spending accounts for only 20% of the budget.
You gloss over some particular facts. First of all are you really saying you would like to get rid of social security, medicare, veterans benefits, and medicare benefits for the troops when their VA coverage ends?

You also fail to recognize that supplemental expenditures carry huge amounts of money for military and the bail outs that our banks have received which do not appear within the budget.

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser

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