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Capable of recording to disk or DL-DVDR, the new DVR-DT100 delivers on all the important areas

For those who are tired about the ongoing bickering between Blu-ray and HD-DVD, Pioneer has announced a new home theater device it calls the DVR-DT100 -- an 800GB equipped DVR capable of tuning both analog and digital signals and recording them during playback.

The unit comes with dual tuners and is able to record not only to its internal storage array but also to dual-layer DVD-R discs without interrupting a customer's enjoyment of a program. The unit is fully HDMI-HDCP ready and comes with all the necessary outputs to connect to the latest digital home theater equipment.

Pioneer says that the new DVR-DT100 will be available in the early weeks of April of this year.

See the original press release here (in Japanese).

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By bohhad on 3/15/2006 9:24:48 AM , Rating: 2
beautiful, i'll take two...

wonder how much they cost

RE: nice
By DarthPierce on 3/15/2006 9:31:36 AM , Rating: 2
well, an 80GB pioneer with dvd burning lists at 1200... so it's gotta be over 2k for this bad boy

RE: nice
By SunAngel on 3/15/06, Rating: 0
RE: nice
By DigitalFreak on 3/15/2006 10:46:42 AM , Rating: 2
I think it's for the Japan market only.

Remote control
By DarthPierce on 3/15/2006 9:32:57 AM , Rating: 4
I'm gonna have to say that I wish the remote had more buttons.... you can't possibly get it to do what you need with so few... :-p

RE: Remote control
By Clauzii on 3/15/2006 10:18:58 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe they crammed some away on the back too ;)

Why does it need HDMI/HDCP
By mmp121 on 3/15/2006 12:00:35 PM , Rating: 2
Is not HDMI and HDCP for HD content protection? What's the point of having it on this thing if it doesn't record HDTV?

RE: Why does it need HDMI/HDCP
By deeznuts on 3/15/2006 1:05:16 PM , Rating: 2
Who said it doesn't record HDTV? It says both analog and digital signals.

By Doormat on 3/15/2006 10:27:07 AM , Rating: 2
So does the unit support cablecard?

Press release in English
By MSJ on 3/15/2006 9:55:39 PM , Rating: 2
English Please
By Googer on 3/15/2006 11:57:55 PM , Rating: 1
Here is the google translation and link.

Presently, spread of terrestrial digital broadcast advances, it is estimated viewing possible household exceeds 80% during 2006 years. (Corporation terrestrial digital broadcast propulsion association announcement)
Also the high vision broadcast which this time, the pioneer sells " as for the DVR-DT100 ? has loaded the HDD of the ? large capacity 800 GB, has the amount of information of approximately 4 times that analog broadcast can videotape fully.
You say we would like to videotape beautiful high vision program many, we answer the needs of your many customers.
< Main merit >
1) With large capacity 800 GB hard disk loading, terrestrial digital in high vision picture quality approximately 92 hour video recording possibilities * 1

2) You saw to be, program is found directly, to letter " the picture it is round every the program chart " of high vision * 2

3) Single sided 2 layer DVD-R DL (dual * layer) to VR mode video recording actualization

4) Consideration to environment

When waiting electric power consumption (at the time of FL going out) the energy-saving design of 0.6 W
5) Other merits

1. The ??????? the HDMI output terminal which transmits image digitally * 3 Loading
2. HDD or DVD even while playing back, 2 program simultaneous video recordings of digital broadcast and analog broadcast possible
3. Utilized the dictionary of 22 ten thousand languages " the air is effective! The video recording dictionary " and " new program searching " " entrust searching " and so on colorful search function loading
4. When air time of program is modified with digital broadcast, also reservation video recording is modified automatically " program following " functional loading
5. Video recording end time is modified " baseball extension correspondence " and " connected gong extended function " loading
6. Not reading the instruction manual, the following operation is taught, " the air is effective Nabi " functional loading
7. whereWith DV input terminal loading, image of the DV camera to the HDD and the DVD dubbing possibility
8. With " PC * k tie reservation " function, even from ahead going out video recording reservation possible

" G guide ", American Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. The electronic program chart which possesses intellectual property right (the EPG) technology " G-GUIDE " in the base, (inc.) the interactive * program * guide (the IPG) the electronic program chart which is used in the Japanese country (the EPG) service.
American Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. It entrusts the ground wave analog broadcast type G guide data broadcast in the Japanese country to the IPG corporation, presently the TBS ((inc.) the Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.) series focusing on it is done from the nationwide 30 area 30 broadcasting stations.
As for the G guide, the G-GUIDE, and G guide logograph, the American Gemstar-TV Guide International and the registered trade mark in the Japanese country of the Inc. it is.
In addition, in the electronic program chart for digital broadcast, the SI which is decided with the ARIB (the Service Information) you have adopted.
Until the program chart becomes indication possible, depending upon the time zone which installs the knitting machine, one schedule there are times when it catches. G-GUIDE

< Main specification >
Type turn DVR - DT100
Record possible media DVD-R (Ver.2.0 * Ver.2.1 CPRM correspondence),
DVD-RW (Ver.1.0 * Ver.1.1 and Ver.1.2 CPRM correspondence),
DVD-R DL (Ver.3.0 CPRM correspondence)
Video recording mode: Maximum video recording time XP: Approximately 1 H approximately 1.8 H
SP: Approximately 2 H approximately 3.5 H *1
LP: Approximately 4 H approximately 7.1 H
EP: Approximately 6 H approximately 10.7 H
SLP: Approximately 8 H approximately 14.3 H
SEP: Approximately 10 H approximately 17.9 H
MN: Approximately 1 - 13.5 H approximately 1.8 - 24 H
Record possible media HDD (800 GB)
Video recording mode: Largest video recording time *2 DR: 92 H
XP+: 116 H
XP: 173 H
SP: 340 H
LP: 680 H
EP: 1021 H
SLP: 1361 H
SEP: 1702 H
MN: 116 - 2278 H
Reproducible media DVD video, DVD-R DL, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM *3 DVD+R and DVD+RW *4
CD for music, CD-R and CD-RW *5
Channel Terrestrial analog VHF:1 - 12 ch and UHF:13 - 62 ch, CATV *6 C13 - C63 ch
Terrestrial digital 000 - 999 ch (CATV pass through correspondence)
Degree of BS/110 CS digital 000 - 999 ch
Input terminal S image 3 systems (the inside front 1 system) *7
Composite image 3 systems (the inside front 1 system) *7
Stereo sound 3 systems (the inside front 1 system) *7
DV ( DV input ( 4 pin S100) 1 system
Output terminal HDMI 1 system
Component image D terminal (D1/D2/D3/D4 output) 1 system
S image 1 system
Composite image 1 system
Stereo sound 2 systems
Optical digital sound 1 system
Input/output terminal Telephone line connected terminal 1 system
LAN terminal 1 system
Electric power consumption At the time of 66 W waiting: 0.6 W (at the time of FL going out)
External size 420 mm X 94 mm X 363 mm
Mass 6.9 kg

* 1 Approximately 215 minutes.
* 2 When all the record territories of the HDD were videotaped at each mode.
In addition, maximum video recording time of DR mode calculates the bit rate with terrestrial digital broadcast with 17 Mbps. When the BS / bit rate with 110 degree CS digital broadcast was calculated with 24 Mbps, maximum approximately 68 hours (the DT100) with it becomes.
* 3 The DVD - removing the disk from the cartridge, please use the time of RAM playback. There are times when it cannot play back with the quality * scar * soiling of the disk or the soiling * dew condensation et cetera of the pickup lens.
* 4 DVD + R / the + RW disk can be recorded with the video format, at the same time can play back only those of the ??????? being completed. There are times when it cannot play back with the quality * scar * soiling of the disk or the soiling * dew condensation et cetera of the pickup lens.
* 5 The CD which is recorded with the CD format for music - R and the CD - it can play back the RW disk. There are times when it cannot play back with the quality * scar * soiling of the disk or the soiling * dew condensation et cetera of the pickup lens.
* 6 Contract with the CATV company is necessary in reception of the CATV.
* 7 The automatic start video recording combined use 1 terminal is included.

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