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Sony cranks out 2.41 firmware update for PS3

Last week, Sony released its 2.40 firmware update for the Playstation 3 to much fanfare from owners. The 2.40 firmware brought a few new features to the table including Trophies and in-game XMB access.

Thing quickly turned sour, however, when a number of people reported random problems with the 2.40 update -- some unlucky people even had their consoles bricked by the update. As the complaints rolled in, Sony sprung into action and took down the update.

"In order to further assess the issue, we have temporarily taken the firmware offline for further testing," said a Sony representative last week about the 2.40 update. "We are working diligently to isolate the problem for those few consumers and to identify a solution before we put the firmware back up."

Sony is now confident that it has ironed out the bugs and this morning released the 2.41 firmware update.

"As many of you know, we released PS3 firmware update v2.40 last week, but had to take it offline temporarily because, for a limited number of users, the XMB wouldn’t display after the update was installed," said Eric Lempel, Sony's PlayStation Network Operations Director. "We’ve been able to fix the problem, and I’m happy to report that firmware update v2.41 will be released shortly. We want to extend our apologies to the PlayStation community for any inconvenience."

It appears that the 2.41 update offers no new features over 2.40 -- it simply addresses the problems that that many users experience last week. However, Lempel made no mention about what's in store for PlayStation 3 owners who had their system bricked by the 2.40 update.

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How about the people who had their systems bricked?
By Regs on 7/8/2008 8:16:36 AM , Rating: 2
If the system does not post, then I'd imagine the 2.41 update wouldn't fix it?

In either case, they damaged their own systems, they should fix it no matter what the cost.

It's like any car manufacturer that issues a recall.

By FITCamaro on 7/8/2008 8:36:18 AM , Rating: 2
Makes me glad I was out of town last week. I bought my PS3 two weeks ago. Would be pretty pissed if Sony bricked it a week after I bought it.

By deeznuts on 7/8/2008 1:22:30 PM , Rating: 2
I barely update until a game forces me to. I don't game online really. In game xmb and the other stuff that came with it didn't entice me, so luckily it didn't happen to me. Just wait a day fellas if you can. It helps identify bad firmware.

By afkrotch on 7/8/2008 8:43:32 AM , Rating: 5
I'm sure Sony will fix that for them by flying them out to Tokyo to hit up their headquarters and personally hand them a new PS3 with a copy of MGS4 signed by Kojima.


By EglsFly on 7/8/2008 6:10:13 PM , Rating: 2
Sure, just like Microsoft flying out customers with RROD 360's to Redmond and personally handing a new one signed by Gates! ;-)

By Aloonatic on 7/8/2008 8:46:37 AM , Rating: 1

I had no problems "upgrading" to 2.40 but if I had I would not be too pleased (to say the least) and then if I was told "tough, buy another" I can assure you that my original "bricked" PS3 would be the last Sony product that I would buy for a long long time.

There must be better Blue Ray players out there by now?

*I actually like my PS3, but that's because it works.

By mmntech on 7/8/2008 10:09:28 AM , Rating: 2
There probably are better stand alone BD players out there now but the PS3 is is certainly the best in it's price range. It's pretty much a full HTPC and it's upgradeable. Even the $1000 stand alone players can only play movies on disc and CDs.

I haven't had problems with 2.4. I suppose it was inevitable since both Nintendo and Microsoft have experienced bad firmware updates. I'm curious though as to why it would effect some systems and not others. I have the 60gb and I haven't had a single issue with it since I bought it last November, knock on wood.

By afkrotch on 7/8/2008 10:27:02 AM , Rating: 2
Different build types is what I'd figure would be the cause.

20 gig
60 gig
60 gig minus EE
80 gig minus EE
40 gig minus EE

I think some of them have a new bluetooth controller too. Then the different types of firmware already on the system. Users aren't forced to get new fireware as soon as it's out, even if they are connected.

Not the case with something like the 360.

By Aloonatic on 7/8/2008 10:49:11 AM , Rating: 2
I installed 2.40 because I couldn't sign in to play MSG4 on-line without the update?

Generally won't let you sign in to Playstation store without the latest firmware in my experience.

It will be interesting to see (if they ever release any details) who had problems with the patch.

Could be people who have swapped out hard drives or do something silly whilst updating and turn off half way through.

There's probably lots of hardware revisions as Sony tried to reduce the cost of manufacture too that could cause trouble?

By deeznuts on 7/8/2008 1:21:03 PM , Rating: 2
Take out that 60 gig minus EE, at least for the US. The 80 gig does lack the EE, but has software emulation. Haven't heard any outcries of PS2 games not being supported by the 80GB with software BC.

By EglsFly on 7/8/2008 6:14:07 PM , Rating: 3
For the U.S., there was only:

First build with hardware EE:

Second build without EE:
80G (Software Emulation)

By BruceLeet on 7/8/2008 9:18:05 AM , Rating: 2
You mean what Microsoft did with the 360? Cost them a Bil.

By BansheeX on 7/8/2008 10:12:55 AM , Rating: 1
Cost them more than that, and no, this is not even close to being comparable to the MS debacle, which was a 30% failure rate. Maybe a few thousand systems got bricked by this before it was pulled. It appears to have nothing to do with model type, it seems to have to do with external factors like users who had replaced the hard drive with their own. It was probably an easy problem to rectify once it happened. All they would have had to do is obtain an affected system, restore them to factory settings, and run the firmware update again in a lab setting. Indeed, 2.41 is out a few days later.

By Denigrate on 7/8/2008 9:51:02 AM , Rating: 2
So how many people actually had their system bricked by 2.40? Mine works perfectly fine with 2.40. What was "special" about the PS3's that actually were bricked? Anything special about the owners? I find that about 99% of problems on any system are from user error.

By wallijonn on 7/8/2008 12:34:01 PM , Rating: 1
What was "special" about the PS3's that actually were bricked? I find that about 99% of problems on any system are from user error.

From what I hear the remedy was to take the HDD out and format it on a PC. Then re-install it into the PS3 and format it again.

Prior to 2.40 my PS3 stopped recognizing "The Orange Box". I backed up my data and formatted the HDD. No good. So it was shipped back to Sony for replacement. It also had problems recognizing some BD movies.

Hardly "user error". More than likely either the BD player was going bad or the FAT on the HDD wasn't being updated. If it couldn't recognize discs it could have been because of DRM, DRM checking which may run from the HDD firmware. So if the DRM code was trashed, then what? Format the HDD outside the PS3 because it needs the FAT cleared; an internal format probably won't touch the FAT since what it really needs is a low level format.

I've heard that GTA4 and MSG4 are also bricking systems. Whether it's true or not I really don't know. I would think that a game patch would be in order. But the scuttle butt is saying that the game developer says to wipe the saved data and to start the game all over again from the beginning. (As it applies to the 360 and the PS3). Maybe the 2.41 will correct that. If it's true, it can hardly be attributed to "user error".

By bfellow on 7/8/2008 2:33:18 PM , Rating: 2
Apparently Sony doesn't believe you and pulled the 2.40 firmware update off the site anyway.

By Villains on 7/8/2008 2:50:58 PM , Rating: 1
This is hardly user error.

Nice try though.

By placentaburrito on 7/8/2008 2:40:18 PM , Rating: 2
I've heard that using certain themes before the patch would cause your xmb to not display anymore once patched to 2.4, effectively bricking your system but not really. That was supposedly why reformatting fixed the problem but I can not confirm this at all. Should any part of my launch 60gb actually break, I hope that it is the hard drive as I use one I put in myself and hard drive warranties are > *.

Personally I feel that the ability to do something as simple as reformat the hard drive yourself, to at least attempt a recovery, is a pretty nice option to have.

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