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Microsoft hopes to lure bargain hunters with new subscription model, perhaps hints at changing business plan

There have been some in the software industry who have advocated a subscription model for their programs.  They suggest that rental programs could save both the consumer and the software companies.  Microsoft seemed to validate those advocates as it announced that it will begin distributing rental copies of its popular Office productivity suite.

The new deal will bring copies of the software to over 700 Circuit City stores across the country.  The latest version of the Office suite will be bundled with Microsoft's Live OneCare computer security software and will work for $70 per year.

Bryson Gordon, a group product manager for the Office group said that Circuit City does not have an exclusive distribution agreement; it was merely the first to jump on the opportunity.  He said other retailers and PC manufacturers such as Dell may be offering the software bundle soon as well.

The new software bundle is named Microsoft Equipt and comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, plus OneCare and a handful of existing free Windows Live applications.  It was rumored for months, under the codename "Albany". 

Mr. Gordon explained that Equipt is aimed at people who when buying a new computer would skip and Office purchase and merely reuse old Office disks or pirate a friend's copy.  He said that the $70 price tag falls in the middle of McAfee Inc. and Symantec Corp's security offerings, so users can justify the purchase merely as a security suite and get the productivity software as a bonus.

Matt Rosoff, an analyst for the independent research group Directions on Microsoft remarked that while Office is the industry standard, the OneCare security suite has seen slow adoption.  However, he feels the low price and creative business model may help it catch on, probably part of Microsoft's intention with the bundle.

He argues that Microsoft's main focus, though, is increasing the number of Office users, and trying to keep them from an increasing number of free solutions, such as Google's popular Docs software.

Equipt, like Office Home and Student 2007, allows installation on up to 3 machines.  Minor updates are automatically provided, through Window's update software.

The software will be available mid-July.

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RE: getting there
By TechGOAT on 7/6/2008 8:38:38 AM , Rating: 0
I feel like I'm dealing with students here... RTFQ: read the full question, or in my state of frustration you can substitute another word for the F. In this case, read the full thread. In my original post, I said I had installed Office 2007. I used it to try to finish working on a massive VBA project integrating Excel and Access. I'm not a beginner using Office (as my other comment about writing my dissertation suggested).


All those shortcuts work, when you hit alt and the first key an info box pops up to tell you you are accessing 2003 shortcuts.

No they don't. Some of the commands are there, but not all of them. Besides, having the menu bar (vs ribbon) means you don't have to memorize the commands. Did you not notice the underlined letters on menus in previous versions of Office? Those were the shortcuts. If you want to use them in Office 2007, you have to remember them. Was that change chase command a c or an e? Was it under Format or under Tools?


On one hand you are complaining that you can't find the commands you want because you haven't learned the system, on the other you are complaining people couldn't find those same commands because they didn't learn the system.

Again, RTFQ. I have used Office 2007. I bet I already did more in 2007 than most users will ever do with it. I removed it because I decided the few added benefits were not worth the frustration. This wouldn't be the first time a company made a product worse after updating it. (There are plenty of examples in the auto industry; third generation Ford Taurus anyone?) Some people will always upgrade because they want the newest thing, but newest doesn't always mean best.

RE: getting there
By JustTom on 7/6/2008 10:43:37 AM , Rating: 3

It's infuriating to constantly have to go back to the mouse to do things that took <2 seconds with the keyboard (Alt+i S, Alt+e e, Alt+o e, etc.).

Those specific shortcuts DO work. I have not checked each and every shortcut from 03 since I don’t use a large number of them; however I have not found a single one of my favorites that does not work. If you have real examples of ones that don't I'd be happy to agree with you. But since you picked 3 very specific shortcuts, and since all three behave exactly how they do in Office 03 what I posted was a valid critique of your argument.
As a side note, those commands that have a keyboard shortcut typically display a tooltip indicating that shortcut; once again I cannot be sure this is universal since I do not have the entire Office shortcut list memorized.
I read your original post; you claimed to have had 07 installed for less than a week, hardly a reason to claim expertise in this piece of software.
I feel like I'm dealing with students here... RTFQ: read the full question, or in my state of frustration you can substitute another word for the F.

I read your post, found very specific faults with the logic and you reply with an ad hominem attack, very nice.

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