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In-game XMB accesses

PS3 game Trophies
2.40 firmware bricks some PS3 consoles

Many rejoiced late last night when Sony posted the 2.40 firmware update for the Playstation 3. The 2.40 brought a number of improvements to the platform including in-game XMB accesses, a new Trophy system similar in concept to Xbox 360 Achievements, and the ability for gamers to use music playlists within games (provided that the game developers provides a patch to support the feature).

Shortly after the update went live, many users began reporting problems with the update. A thread over at the official Playstation 3 forums is currently up to 61-pages and is filled with a number of irate owners.

According to Kotaku, the update is causing some controllers to malfunction, and in many cases, it bricks the system altogether. All Playstation 3 systems -- 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, and 80GB -- have an equal chance in having problems with the update, so no one is safe.

There are currently numerous theories and workarounds being proposed by forum-goers, but no one fix has been found to fix everyone's 2.40 firmware woes.

Because of the widespread problems, Sony decided to pull firmware update. In a statement released this afternoon, the company said, "In order to further assess the issue, we have temporarily taken the firmware offline for further testing. We are working diligently to isolate the problem for those few consumers and to identify a solution before we put the firmware back up."

No other details were provided on when the "fixed" 2.40 firmware will be uploaded or if a 2.41 firmware will simply be issued to address the problems at hand.

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RE: This blows!
By Aloonatic on 7/3/2008 9:50:13 AM , Rating: 2
I didn't want to be the first to mention the lack of a "Metal Gear Solid 4 Day" as we usually get for long anticipated releases, e.g. Halo 3 and GTA4.

Especially as it is a major exclusive. Or maybe, if I may join you in conspiracists (or is that conspirators? We're not conspiring tho? I don't know) corner (?) it's this very reason why it didn't get much notice on here.

By the way, MGS4 is an awesome game, and the cut scenes aren't too bad either (maybe because you can pause them now) though reading up on the MGS history is a must before starting the game to get the most out of it I think.

It is, however, let down a little by the on-line play. Only a small hand full of maps and the servers don't seem to be up to the job. Does sometimes make you wonder if the £5/month xBox Live charge is worth it. I've lost count of the times I've been lining someone up in my sights only for them to disappear and the reappear a second or so later.

When it works it is great fun though, don't get me wrong.

RE: This blows!
By BansheeX on 7/3/2008 12:12:51 PM , Rating: 2
Wait, I almost forgot, Anandtech did review Haze! Yes, let's ignore ten far better exclusives including MGS4 and cherrypick the disappointments for front page reviews. That'll make Sony look bad! </conspiracy>

RE: This blows!
By sweetsauce on 7/5/2008 1:30:13 PM , Rating: 1
or it could be that all you idiot fanboys bitched at them for reviewing that retarded game so they decided not to review games anymore. That was pretty much a test review and you fanboys came out in great form to pretty much confirm what they suspected, that maybe they should just stay out of the game review business.

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