Developers say its hard to build applications for Android when the OS isn't complete

Google has its fingers in nearly every aspect of serving ads to users on the internet. Google is also looking to the future of serving ads and believes that in the future ads on mobile phones could be a very lucrative market.

To grab its share of this market, Google announced its Android mobile phone operating system in November of 2007. With the Apple iPhone being such a hot item, many handset makers eagerly anticipate the open source operating system being available.

Google released its Android SDK in November of 2007 and announced rewards totaling $10 million to developers who could build applications that work on Android. Despite the high hopes Google and cellular phone makers had for Android and the big push to get developers to adopt the operating system and write applications to run on it, Google is finding that the cellular market is a tough road.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is saying handsets using its Android OS won’t hit the market until Q4 2008. Handsets were originally expected in the middle of 2008. Cellular provider T-Mobile was expecting to launch an Android handset in Q4 2008. T-Mobile is now saying that the launch of Sprint’s Android handset is occupying so much of Google’s resources that it will be forced to delay the launch of its own handset until 2009.

Cellular providers outside the U.S. are facing delays in launching Android handsets as well. China Mobile is saying that it will delay the launch of its Android mobile phone which was originally slated for Q3 2008. Its handset launch will be pushed to late 2008 or early 2009. China Mobile says that it and its handset partner have run into problems translating the Android OS from Roman characters to Chinese and have had trouble merging China Mobile branded data services with Android.

Developers are also not adopting Android with the verve Google hoped for. Developers are saying that developing applications for the Android OS isn’t as easy as developing them for the iPhone. The Wall Street Journal also reports that some developers are saying that it is difficult to develop applications for Android when Google is still not complete.

Director of Mobile Platforms for Google, Andy Rubin said, “This is where the pain happens. We are very, very close (to completing Android).”

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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