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The pair will investigate the use of Radeon GPUs for physics processing

Physics processing has promised to bring more realism into the world of PC games since AGEIA first announced its PhysX card. To date, physics processing in most video games hasn’t become the big draw that many hoped it would.

AMD and Havok announced this week that they plan to optimize physics processing for AMD hardware. Havok already has a well defined user base with over 100 developers using its Havok Physics engine and it says that 300 leading game titles currently use its Havok engine.

AMD says that Havok’s physics engine will scale well across the entire AMD line. This includes its processors and its ATI Radeon video cards. AMD says that it and Havok will investigate the use of the Radeon GPU to manage aspects of in-game physics.

AMD isn’t alone in looking to the GPU to process physics. Rival NVIDIA purchased physics hardware and software maker AGEIA. NVIDIA announced that it was purchasing AGEIA in February 2008. The purchase virtually ensures that physics processing makes it to NVIDIA graphics cards in force.

Intel purchased Havok in September 2007 and at the time Intel said that Havok would become a key element in its visual computing and graphics efforts. Despite the proclamation at the time the purchase was announced by Intel, physics has not been seen as a key component in Intel’s product strategy yet.

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RE: Huh?
By Neamhtearanntacht on 6/13/2008 5:10:35 PM , Rating: 2
Keep your friends close, and enemies even closer.

Maybe they are setting a trap for when Larrabee runs with Havok.

RE: Huh?
By batman4u on 6/13/2008 5:24:53 PM , Rating: 2
Intel And AMD dont have the same competition like 2 years ago. so intel and its chipset needs a good bond with a good Video Card Manufacturer to counter NVidia and its SLI, and what better than using Havoc to improve relationship and besides intel and havoc never said that by improving performance with AMD proccesors wont at the same time improve with Intel at the same time

RE: Huh?
By Neamhtearanntacht on 6/13/2008 5:37:47 PM , Rating: 2
I understand your relationship (like EMC and DELL) part, after all Havok was bought to make money, a business decision. But, Do Intel need to worry about SLI? Looking forward as I was with reference to Larrabee and CPU + GPU integration. I don't think Intel will have to counter NVidia's SLI. By simply doubling number of cores on Larrabee (tick, tock). With both running Havok, Intel would have the upper hand owning the physics engine. I think it is a trap for AMD, what can they do?

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