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Adobe promises Acrobat 9 will transform the process of creating and sharing information

Adobe unveiled the newest version of its Acrobat software today. Adobe says that Acrobat 9 is a significant upgrade and promises it will transform the process of creating and sharing electronic documents.

Acrobat 9 adds native support for Flash technology that allows users to embed Flash Player compatible video and applications directly in PDF documents. To view the content, the PDF recipient only needs to have the Adobe Flash Player installed.

Another key feature of Acrobat 9 is the ability to unify multiple content types into a single document with PDF Portfolios. The PDF Portfolios allow the creation of PDFs containing documents, video, audio and 3D objects in one compressed PDF file.

The software also features templates that allow the integration of those types of media into a professional layout. The new software also adds live collaboration platform for live collaboration within a PDF document. The interactive content for PDF collaboration is enabled by working through

Adobe Acrobat 9 will be available in three versions for Windows systems including Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, Acrobat 9 Pro and Acrobat 9 Standard. Mac users only get Acrobat 9 Pro. All versions are expected to be available in July 2008 in English, French, German and Japanese languages. The full version of Acrobat 9 Pro Extended is going to retail for $699, Acrobat 9 Pro will sell for $449, and Acrobat 9 Standard will retail for $299.

Adobe doesn't say that the Yahoo ads that DailyTech reported in late 2007 would appear in PDF documents will now be offered. The online Acrobat documents will be the most likely spot for the ads to show up.

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I will
By Regs on 6/2/2008 12:42:38 PM , Rating: 4
Crap my pants if I could edit text on a pdf.

Until that day...just make sure you wake me up.

RE: I will
By Runiteshark on 6/2/2008 12:46:18 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed, editing a PDF is worse then pulling teeth. I cannot think of one other application that is so terrible when it comes to editing.

RE: I will
By kamel5547 on 6/2/2008 12:49:48 PM , Rating: 2
Funny thing is... its actually pretty easy with Acrobat 5.0, and some other competitors do a far better job. 8 was truely the worst as far as I can tell, and I have to assume 9 will be worse than that at text editing. It just doesn't seem to be a feature they want you to use.

RE: I will
By Oregonian2 on 6/2/2008 4:07:37 PM , Rating: 2
You aren't supposed to edit a PDF other than changing one letter here and there sorts of changes.

PDF is a printer-replacement technology, it's not a word processor product. Editing it directly is like editing postscript (which PDFs kind-of replace although non-HP laser printers probably still use postscript). You can, but it's painful.

RE: I will
By Aloonatic on 6/5/2008 5:14:13 AM , Rating: 2
I work in a scanning bureau and most of the output we produce is either TIFF or PDF, pretty much the same thing most of the time when scanned. Thankfully more want PDF now than TIFF it seems. TIFF is a hateful format sent by the devil to torment man kind.

We also deal with a lot of electronic documents which are converted to be archived.

The text editing function is something that I have never really understood.

Either make a possible to edit properly or not at all.

Most people want completely uneditable images which is fine and can be done but why make it sort of possible?

It just annoys people who want to edit the text and can't quite do what they want and irritates people who want to use PDFs as an archive who think that a PDF is uneditable and therefore a 100% accurate representation of a document at a certain time and then find out that they can be tampered with.

For the record, for much of the manual entry bookmarking we still use Acrobat 4, much more user friendly and faster for what we do. This and the scanning software we use is one of the main reasons why Vista has been a pain and abandoned in certain departments, but it's not MS's fault that older software is better than the more recent releases.

The only real benefit of later versions (for us) has been the batch processing features.

I am always weary of Acrobat releases since Acrobat 6, what a mess that was.

RE: I will
By Oregonian2 on 6/5/2008 8:26:23 PM , Rating: 2
The biggest advantage of the later versions of Acrobat (starting with version 8 I think) is that .pdf's can be made (not with the reader obviously) such that a .pdf form can be filled out using reader (even if reader can't save it). Adobe had some mysterious connection with a spendy third party who "did" the filloutable versions for the US Government in making .PDF tax forms, but didn't allow the normal Acrobat package to make them -- until version 8. Obviously a great thing if one is making out forms in PDF -- much easier to read the results as compared to printing it and filling things in by hand. :-)

RE: I will
By amanojaku on 6/2/2008 12:48:13 PM , Rating: 2
The professional version of Acrobat allows you to edit PDFs. This has existed since Acrobat was first created. The Acrobat most people use is the free reader which, naturally, does not allow editing.

RE: I will
By Regs on 6/2/2008 12:52:43 PM , Rating: 5
Thank you for explaining that. I'll be sure to invest 300 dollars for this program.

RE: I will
By daftrok on 6/2/2008 12:59:31 PM , Rating: 3
LOL. But seriously what is up with these crack addict prices? 300 bucks just for standard? How about you divide these prices by ten and then watch piracy go way way down.

RE: I will
By Regs on 6/2/2008 1:17:38 PM , Rating: 1
The Lead programmer, who drives a Hummer, has to drive 50 miles to work each day which means he spends mucho grandee on gas.

And how on earth are these people going to be able to pay off their mortgage on the 4 door garage house ??!?!?!? Are you insane?

RE: I will
By gyranthir on 6/2/2008 2:23:18 PM , Rating: 2
Editing is something you do in the document before you make it a PDF. PDF's are meant to be protected from editing.

How would you like it if someone edited your PDF of some time sensitive or cost sensitive information, and then sent it back to you trying to hold you to the new information.

They are meant to avoid changes, provide protection, provide electronic signatures, and be secure.

RE: I will
By achintya on 6/2/2008 2:46:46 PM , Rating: 2
Erm, I thought for those purposes encryption and digital signatures were created?

RE: I will
By gyranthir on 6/2/2008 2:59:35 PM , Rating: 2
Read thru the Wiki, the portability features are the strongest part of it.

Portable means that it isn't going to be broken, screwed with, or have errors when it's been ported around.

You do the editing of the documents in your word processors or spreadsheets, etc.

RE: I will
By Runiteshark on 6/2/2008 2:26:19 PM , Rating: 3
Well damn, I had no idea. I guess I'll get the Professional Professional version of acrobat, since Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, simply isn't professional enough.

I know you can edit them with professional, but it still sucks.

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