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Is this 10 Forward or an airplane interior?
Boeing shows us a little more of their 787 Dreamliner

Boeing has posted some new images of its 787 Dreamliner including its interior and composite body. With the 787, Boeing hopes to block some of the blows thrown by Airbus in recent years

The Dreamliner will be available in three variants covering a wide gamut of passenger loads and route length:

The 787-8 Dreamliner will carry 210 - 250 passengers on routes of 8,000 to 8,500 nautical miles (14,800 to 15,700 kilometers), while the 787-9 Dreamliner will carry 250 - 290 passengers on routes of 8,600 to 8,800 nautical miles (15,900 to 16,300 km). A third 787 family member, the 787-3 Dreamliner, will accommodate 290 - 330 passengers and be optimized for routes of 3,000 to 3,500 nautical miles (5,550 to 6,500 km).

As much as 50% of the 787's primary structure including its wings and body will be composed of composite materials. The plane will be able to travel at Mach 0.85 and uses about 20% less fuel than planes of comparable size.

The 787 is scheduled to make its first flight in 2007 with first deliveries taking place in 2008.

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RE: Slashdot?
By msva124 on 3/11/2006 11:15:50 PM , Rating: 1
Visitors to this site attract advertising dollars. Without us it would not exist. We have every right to complain about things we don't like.

I hope you aren't a business student. If you are, you have a lot to learn.

RE: Slashdot?
By boredstudent on 3/12/2006 1:41:02 AM , Rating: 2
This site will not change it's business model to cater to the whims of the minority of it's 'customers'. When someone does not support the business model of a company (one of the most fundamental things about that company), their best recourse is not to complain, but to take their business elsewhere and let their money speak for them.

RE: Slashdot?
By rushnrockt on 3/13/2006 12:18:55 AM , Rating: 2
"I hope you aren't a business student. If you are, you have a lot to learn."

Seems like you are the one in need of some learning. As said above, if you look at this as business, then you vote like every consumer votes, go somewhere else. You posting here just shows that you are willing to support this website, their articles and the community. So remember, when you are replying to me, you are helping DailyTech.

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