D-Link promises enough bandwidth for HD video and online Call of Duty 4 multi-player action

Many of the devices sitting in your entertainment center today need Ethernet connections to get all the functionality they offer. Many TiVO DVRs, satellite TV boxes, game consoles, and electronics devices today are Ethernet ready. The problem in many homes is that Wi-Fi signals from room to room can be weak making for dropped connections and the inability to connect devices wirelessly.

The alternative to Wi-Fi is wiring the whole home with CAT 5 Ethernet cable, which can work in new construction but in existing home installing network cable is not always practical. D-Link launched a new product today that addresses the problems many home owners and renters face when trying to set up a home network. The product is called the D-Link Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit DXN-221.

Two different products are available including a DXN-221 kit that includes two adapters; each of which has an Ethernet port and a coaxial F-type connector. Separate DXN-220 adapters can also be purchased for extending the system.

D-Link says that a typical installation will have one of the adapters connected to a router in one room and a coax cable. In another room an additional adapter will be connected to a coax cable and a device with an Ethernet port. If you have multiple devices that need connectivity the single Ethernet port on the adapter can be connected to a hub or switch to provide connectivity to multiple devices.

AJ Wang, CTO for D-Link said in a statement, “With simplified user setup, coaxial networking support, the ability to coexist with other coaxial devices, and fast networking speeds, our Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit delivers a simplified networking solution that makes it easy for consumers to enjoy the benefits of a digital home designed for high-definition media streaming, online gaming and other emerging applications. The technology is fast and a natural complement to our popular networking solutions for moving data into areas of a home where it may be difficult to run a cable or achieve a strong Wi-Fi signal."

The bandwidth provided by coax and the D-Link Ethernet-to-Coax kit is enough according to D-Link for sending HD video and music as well as playing multiplayer online video games around the home without interfering with cable or satellite broadcasts using the same coax cable. The D-Link DXN-221 kit will retail for $199.99 and the individual DXN-220 adapters will retail for $109.99. The products will be available in Q3 2008 according to D-Link.

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