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AMD's next generation Radeon graphics card to get a boost from GDDR5

Although NVIDIA may be grabbing headlines lately with leaked details of its next generation GeForce graphics cards, AMD isn't exactly standing still with its Radeon offerings. ATI is preparing its Radeon HD 4800 series GPUs which will replace the existing HD 3800 lineup.

While the HD 4800 Series is rumored to feature GPGPU physics and HDMI 7.1 surround sound pass-through, today we were made privy of one concrete aspect of the new cards: the onboard memory. Qimonda contacted DailyTech earlier this morning with the news that they will supply AMD with GDDR5 memory chips for the reinvigorated Radeon family.

"The days of monolithic mega-chips are gone. Being first to market with GDDR in our next-generation architecture, AMD is able to deliver incredible performance using more cost-effective GPUs," remarked Rick Bergman, AMD Senior Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Product Group. "AMD believes that GDDR5 is the optimal way to drive performance gains while being mindful of power consumption. We’re excited about the potential GDDR5 brings to the table for innovative game development and even more exciting game play."

The high-speed memory chips are 512Mbit and offer bandwidth of up to 4.0Gbps. In preparing for AMD's June launch, mass production of the new GDDR5 chips has already commenced and are shipping in volume.

"We are very proud to supply AMD with GDDR5 volume shipments only six months after first product samples have been delivered," said Robert Feurle, Qimonda AG's Vice President of the DRAM Business Unit. "This is a further milestone in our successful GDDR5 roadmap and underlines our predominant position as innovator and leader in the graphics DRAM market."

"Qimonda's strong GDDR5 roadmap convinced us to choose them as a primary technology partner for our GDDR5 GPU launch," added AMD's Joe Macri. "Both the early availability of first samples and volume shipments added great value to the development and launch of our upcoming high-performance GPU."

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RE: Wahoo!
By ZaethDekar on 5/21/2008 6:33:04 PM , Rating: 1
It depends on the board. The 780G does support GDDR however it is based on what the manufacturer wants to add it or not. The chipset supports GDDR. However as I posted earlier, it takes a motherboard maker new sets to get the chipset to understand to use the GDDR instead of the system DDR. Thus no current MB supports it. However, they do have embedded GPU's that use true GDDR3 as the post above mentions. However it is different then the normal motherboard, AMD is working on getting a board where you just choose the chip, select how much GDDR you want your GPU to have and its all one board. No PCI slots needed thus you can use a smaller case... think of a carPC able to push HD the box fits in the glove compartment or in the dash where the CD player goes, then have the WiFi built in and you have a mobile command station.

So you are right, they do not have GDDR included with the motherboard, but it does support it, we are just waiting for the manufacturers to get it working properly.

RE: Wahoo!
By Pirks on 5/21/08, Rating: -1
RE: Wahoo!
By StevoLincolnite on 5/22/2008 1:02:18 AM , Rating: 2
DDR2 memory (Not GDDR2) has been available on budget Graphics cards for some time now, There used to be Graphics Cards in the Early 1990's where you could actually add more or even upgrade the memory for more performance. (Most notable on the S3 Virge cards).
Then you used to have the good old Intel boards which actually had a Ram Slot dedicated to the Video card once you flipped a jumper.

The Technology is there.

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