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The Wii Classic Controller found to infringe patents
Jury rules against Nintendo in patent lawsuit

Nintendo was ordered on Wednesday to pay $21M to Anascape, a small East Texas gaming company, for infringing on a patent for gaming controllers.

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2006 by Anascape, which targeted both Microsoft and Nintendo for infringement of 12 patents issued between 1999 and 2005. Anascape sought compensation, including interest, from the revenues generated by both companies as a result of the claimed infringements.

A jury found that Nintendo had infringed on the Anascape patents in the design of the GameCube, WaveBird and Wii Classic controllers.

According to comments recorded by the Associated Press, Nintendo spokesman Charlie Scibetta said that the company will seek an appeal and hopes that the infringement award would be reduced significantly. No infringement was found with the motion-sensing scheme used on the Wii Remote or Nunchuk.

Microsoft avoided the jury ruling as it had settled with Anascape on terms that remain confidential.

While $21M may sound like a hefty sum, it’s not quite as painful as the $91 million Sony had to hand over to Immersion for its use of force feedback vibration technology. Sony and Immersion coming to an agreement then ruffled the feathers of Microsoft, who in turned launched its own legal complaint.

Sony, who was oddly not a part of the Anascape suit, recently launched its third-generation DualShock controller in North America.

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I vote we frag this patent holder
By dflynchimp on 5/15/2008 11:16:59 AM , Rating: 2
Face it, they could've sued any number of other companies based on their vague allegations. Thy chose Nintendo since it was making more money, and have more dough for they to skim off of. I'm frankly surprised that this held any water in court, let alone grant them $21mil. I hope Nintendo appeals this, or countersuits them (no idea on what grounds, but I'm rooting for the big N here)

RE: I vote we frag this patent holder
By Devo2007 on 5/15/2008 11:42:45 AM , Rating: 2
Agreed -- how about companies like Mad Catz and Saitek -- companies that have made console and/or PC gamepads with the same functions for years? Why would they not be included in this lawsuit?

Seems like someone saw the popularity of the Wii and decided to get even with Nintendo. Also, where's the N64 controller in this lawsuit? It had an analog stick too!

By omnicronx on 5/15/2008 12:48:12 PM , Rating: 2
Why would they not be included in this lawsuit?
You forget Microsoft settled on the matter beforehand, it seems like the companies targeted were those that added analogue sticks to their controllers after 1995. My guess is since the playstation already had a controller with this functionality they could not be included in the suit.(for reference the N64 had the first analogue controller and it was released in 1997, and we all know the Xbox is pretty recent. Who knows for sure though, only time will tell..

By afkrotch on 5/15/2008 1:58:48 PM , Rating: 2
Seems like someone saw the popularity of the Wii and decided to get even with Nintendo. Also, where's the N64 controller in this lawsuit? It had an analog stick too!

Yes, they saw the big popularity of the Wii and sued before it was even out. Jeez, try reading the article before speaking.

By Reclaimer77 on 5/15/2008 1:42:30 PM , Rating: 3
I agree.

Who the hell is this company anyway ? Patent squatters, thats who. Besides that, how were they even granted a patent for technology thats been used for decades already ?

I hate companies like this. And please, don't say I'm some Wii fanboi. But this company had no means to even make a controller or a game console. They just filed a patent and waited for someone to sue. Companies like this actually HURT the consumer by driving up the price of products because of patent royalties they should never even have been granted. In the worse cases, products we could enjoy are never able to see the light of day because of these patent trolls.

$21 million ? Thats probably more than Anascape is worth all together ! This is absurd.

Not only should Nintendo counter sue, but they should arrange for this digitally braindead jury to have an " accident " of some kind and spare the rest of us from having to deal with them.

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