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Microsoft preps 65nm GPU for cooler Xbox 360s

Chip process evolution is a usual thing in a console’s lifecycle, but rarely has it been as important as in the case of the Xbox 360.

Known for its relatively hardware fragility, the original design of the Xbox 360 would frequently fall to the “Red Ring of Death” failure, which Microsoft terms as the three flashing red lights. While improvements in cooling and a CPU die shrink to 65nm in the Falcon revision have surely improved the situation, the problematic GPU still sits with its 90nm process.

The 65nm drop for the GPU in the Xbox 360 revision codenamed Jasper isn’t expected until August, a time frame backed up by a report from CENS. Microsoft has contracted Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE) and Nanya PCB Corp. to build the chips that will ship with the Jasper consoles later this summer.

TSMC will produce the 65nm chips, ASE will package and test them, and Nanya will supply the flip-chip packaging substrates. Microsoft has supposedly booked a production capacity at TSMC estimated to be at around 10,000 300mm wafers.

Inventory of the existing Falcon chips are reportedly depleted, paving the way for the transition to Jasper. The next step for the Xbox 360 console is dubbed “Valhalla,” which will integrate both the GPU and CPU in a single package as a cost-cutting measure, isn’t expected until a year after Jasper.

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By afkrotch on 5/9/2008 1:15:01 PM , Rating: 2
The design was not flawed. The manufacturing was. MS is not stupid enough to design a console that would fail. The problem is MS has almost no hardware experience. They just have no clue how to over see the manufacturing process. The design was good the implementation when mass produced failed.

MS was sure stupid enough to allow the Xbox 360 to go through QC and hit mass manufacturing.

I think they simply ignored the flaws just to push their product out first. So consumers received dvd-roms that were noisy or scratched discs. That or a hot product that killed itself.

If MS were to have gone back to fix the many issues plaguing their system, it would have released around the time of the PS3's release. It'd probably also be larger to fit a bigger heatsink design.

MS sure didn't have a problem with the original Xbox's hardware. They just had a problem selling them.

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