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The Chinese navigation system will include an encrypted channel as well

People all over the planet depend on the GPS satellite positioning system for all sorts of things from navigating in their cars to keeping up with equipment and personnel. China says that it intendeds to have an operational GPS system covering all of Asia by 2010.

Despite the 2010 date specified, Chinese officials aren’t giving up much information. In fact officials from Japan say that it and China have had no talks concerning interoperability of the two nations GPS satellite systems. This is despite the fact that both China and Japan are members of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICGNSS) that was founded to ensure global interoperability of navigation satellite networks.

China has also not yet completed frequency coordination with the other ICGNSS member nations including the U.S., Europe, Russia and others. According to, Chinese officials said at the Toulouse Space Show that China’s global Compass/Beidou system would be fully compatible with the U.S. GPS, European Galileo, and Russian Glonass global navigation constellations.

Japanese officials are concerned about the Chinese Asia regional system because Japan is developing its own regional system called the Quazi Zenith Satellite Systems which will have three satellites in a highly elliptical orbit with an apogee over Japan and Asia. According to Satoshi Kogure from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Japanese Agency some in Japan feel the Chinese navigation satellite system is an important issue for Japanese national security.

The head of the Galileo unit at the European Commission financing the development of the Galileo constellation notes that when the U.S., Russian, Chinese and European medium Earth satellites are added together there could be 120 operational navigation satellites in medium Earth orbit.

The Chinese satellite system will also reportedly include an encrypted channel, presumably for use by the Chinese military.

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By dickeywang on 5/9/2008 8:24:25 AM , Rating: 2
Now, that's the part you, as well as most Americans, are fooled by the media.
First of all, whoever think China is a real "communist country" in these days are those who have never been in China in the past 10-20 years. At this point, China is more like a capitalist country than many of the European ones.
Now, I agree with you that the Chinese government is controled by a single party -- CCP, but if you really know what most common Chinese people are thinking, you would agree with me that it is definitely a good thing instead of a bad one for the world peace. You know, on every single issues regarding board conflicts, most Chinese people are considering the current Chinese government are too soft and not aggressive enough, many people in mainland China think that China should take military actions to almost all the board conflicts, it is the Chinese government who are currently suppress and try to claim people down and try to solve things diplomatically. Now I am not saying that democracy is a bad thing, but you should also remember that Hitler was once had 99% approval rating after Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

Next, let's talk about Japan. Now many of you may think the Japanese people have changed, but do you know that they have a shrine (the Yasukuni Shrine, you can find it on wikipedia) that is dedicated to those top Fascism criminals who were in charge their invasion in WW2? Futhermore, almost every important ones in the Japanese government, including every single one of their prime ministers in the past a few decades, have been holding memorial ceremonies annually in the shrine, and they treated those Facisism criminals as their national heroes during those ceremonies.

Now you may think the Japanese people have changed, but none of the Asian countries who were invaded by Japan would agree with that. The reason you don't know about these things is because the media in the U.S. try their best to hide those things from you. It is simply because Japan is a military ally to the U.S. right now. The media didn't report these issues for political reasons. I am not saying that the media shouldn't talking about the military investment in China, but at least they should not put out a double standard.

Again, like Albert Einstein once said, don't learn from the media, instead, learn from history. How many Americans have been killed by Chinese in the past 100 years? How many Americans have been killed by Japanese in the past 100 years?

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