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The Chinese navigation system will include an encrypted channel as well

People all over the planet depend on the GPS satellite positioning system for all sorts of things from navigating in their cars to keeping up with equipment and personnel. China says that it intendeds to have an operational GPS system covering all of Asia by 2010.

Despite the 2010 date specified, Chinese officials aren’t giving up much information. In fact officials from Japan say that it and China have had no talks concerning interoperability of the two nations GPS satellite systems. This is despite the fact that both China and Japan are members of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICGNSS) that was founded to ensure global interoperability of navigation satellite networks.

China has also not yet completed frequency coordination with the other ICGNSS member nations including the U.S., Europe, Russia and others. According to, Chinese officials said at the Toulouse Space Show that China’s global Compass/Beidou system would be fully compatible with the U.S. GPS, European Galileo, and Russian Glonass global navigation constellations.

Japanese officials are concerned about the Chinese Asia regional system because Japan is developing its own regional system called the Quazi Zenith Satellite Systems which will have three satellites in a highly elliptical orbit with an apogee over Japan and Asia. According to Satoshi Kogure from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Japanese Agency some in Japan feel the Chinese navigation satellite system is an important issue for Japanese national security.

The head of the Galileo unit at the European Commission financing the development of the Galileo constellation notes that when the U.S., Russian, Chinese and European medium Earth satellites are added together there could be 120 operational navigation satellites in medium Earth orbit.

The Chinese satellite system will also reportedly include an encrypted channel, presumably for use by the Chinese military.

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RE: Japan is worrying about China?
By Ringold on 5/9/2008 5:42:25 AM , Rating: 2
One is a democracy, one is communist. One has been dedicated to peace for as long as most people on DT have been alive, the other has been a violent oppressor not afraid of military conflict for the same period of time. One is a long-time ally of America, the West, and freedom, the other is a long time nemesis of all three.

I'll let you take a guess at which is which. If you can't connect the dots as to why one is worrisome and the other is not, well, I can't help ya.

RE: Japan is worrying about China?
By pxavierperez on 5/9/2008 7:05:45 AM , Rating: 2
Don't forget in the 90s China were purposely shooting their missiles close to Taiwan and Japan while claiming they were just doing military training. That's being a bully. Adding North Korea into the fold it's only logical that Japan would want to build national defenses.

And as far bringing World War Two is a really pathetic attempt to vilify Japan. Japanese people are completely different now than what they were before. The current government does not go around ordering the massacre of protesting students. China does.

Plus in World War Two, there were thousands of Asians volunteers who joined the Japanese auxiliary troops called the Heihos to fight the Allied Forces. From Indonesia alone there were 40,000 who joined the Japanese forces to fight the Allies in Malaysia and up to Burma. Even Taiwan was a close ally with Japan during World War Two. Except for the Philippines, for many Asian countries the Japanese helped get rid of their European oppressor.

The only reason why the British and other European nations fought along the US in the Pacific was to get back to their assets. Except for the US. much of the Allied forces were not in it to liberate Asia. They just wanted to get their colonies back.

In the 1980s forward, Japan had done a lot more in helping the economy of their Asian neighbors than China has ever done. Their Asian Development Bank had overseen many projects to help strengthen the infrastructure of Vietnam, Thailand and other third world Asian countries at the time. And as much as South Koreans would hate to admit, Japan direct injection into their businesses spur the economic growth which they enjoyed currently. Japan helped built much of what Taiwan is today.

History are often by written the victors. Much of Asian's fears of Japan today are mostly implanted artificially by the victors of World War Two.

By PandaBear on 5/9/2008 9:04:56 PM , Rating: 2
Don't you dare claims that the Taiwanese volunteering for the Japanese auxiliary troops. They were sucking the place dry back then and were treated as 2nd class citizens of a colony.

Colony is not a volunteer. Go ask any native Indigenous Taiwanese (the mountain people) and everyone would tell you how much they hated the way Japanese treat them.

I don't have anything against this generation of Japanese people. Most of them agree that in WWII Japan was invading other countries, and have done some pretty f--ked up things back then. They are not the blood loving war mongers of the past (actually even back then most people are not war mongers, just the top government officers and business owners). What I have problem with is how they alter the history textbook and try to brainwash the next generation in thinking that Japanese were the hero of Asia that kick the Europeans out, but in fact they do that so they can be the colonists.

You said the Japanese build what is the Taiwan today. That is false. USA help build what is the Taiwan of today.

By dickeywang on 5/9/2008 8:24:25 AM , Rating: 2
Now, that's the part you, as well as most Americans, are fooled by the media.
First of all, whoever think China is a real "communist country" in these days are those who have never been in China in the past 10-20 years. At this point, China is more like a capitalist country than many of the European ones.
Now, I agree with you that the Chinese government is controled by a single party -- CCP, but if you really know what most common Chinese people are thinking, you would agree with me that it is definitely a good thing instead of a bad one for the world peace. You know, on every single issues regarding board conflicts, most Chinese people are considering the current Chinese government are too soft and not aggressive enough, many people in mainland China think that China should take military actions to almost all the board conflicts, it is the Chinese government who are currently suppress and try to claim people down and try to solve things diplomatically. Now I am not saying that democracy is a bad thing, but you should also remember that Hitler was once had 99% approval rating after Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

Next, let's talk about Japan. Now many of you may think the Japanese people have changed, but do you know that they have a shrine (the Yasukuni Shrine, you can find it on wikipedia) that is dedicated to those top Fascism criminals who were in charge their invasion in WW2? Futhermore, almost every important ones in the Japanese government, including every single one of their prime ministers in the past a few decades, have been holding memorial ceremonies annually in the shrine, and they treated those Facisism criminals as their national heroes during those ceremonies.

Now you may think the Japanese people have changed, but none of the Asian countries who were invaded by Japan would agree with that. The reason you don't know about these things is because the media in the U.S. try their best to hide those things from you. It is simply because Japan is a military ally to the U.S. right now. The media didn't report these issues for political reasons. I am not saying that the media shouldn't talking about the military investment in China, but at least they should not put out a double standard.

Again, like Albert Einstein once said, don't learn from the media, instead, learn from history. How many Americans have been killed by Chinese in the past 100 years? How many Americans have been killed by Japanese in the past 100 years?

RE: Japan is worrying about China?
By dickeywang on 5/9/2008 8:55:42 AM , Rating: 1
Now, it is interesting to see people think that communism=dictators.

First of all, it's simply logic, China has a 1.3billion polulation, and if you think a government can be in power for a nation with such a large population for more than 50 years simply because of dictating, you are not being reasonable. To stabilize such a populated society for such a long time, the government has try to make people happy so they won't start to thinking about "revolution".

The truth is, the current political structure is working in China, and most people are happy there (you wouldn't argue with that if you really have spend some time in China these days). Now to the capitalism countries, this is a bad thing because they have been criticizing the Chinese political structure for years and have been saying that it is doomed to be failed, however, in the past 20-30years, more and more Chinese people are enjoying the benefits the Chinese government has brought to them. Of course there are some imperfections, but most people in China are hoping that the government would improve on these issues instead of hoping to have a completely now government(for example, like the one in Iraq right now). This is similar to what most Americans have in mind about the U.S. government, isn't it? Need improvement? yes. Destroy everything and start from scratch? No.

Now you may make your own mind whether you want to consider Chinese people are under dictatorship.

Really, if you think about it, the idea of "capitalism vs communism", is very much like trying to figure out which one is evil between Judaism or Catholic. It's not the communism's fault, it's just there are always crazy people doing crazy things. In communist countries, you had crazy people like Steining, in capitalism country you also have crazy people like G. W. Bush, who made the life in Iraq a big mess while still saying that "the world is more free under my leadership". The truth is, right now, China has a reasonable government that has given the Chinese people their most peaceful period of time in the past 2 centuries. It's that simple.

RE: Japan is worrying about China?
By eeto on 5/9/2008 10:45:58 AM , Rating: 2
I couldn't agree more, and I thought JP is only allowed to own a small military ever since WW2, and also the US Okinawa base is supposed to guard them or keep an eye on them. That's was part of the surrender requirements during that time. It's also very interesting to me that people view communism towards a dictatorship way. It seems to me a lot of people enjoying viewing the Chinese government this way.

I have read through so many comments, and I keep asking myself my view towards JP. As some of you pointed out they helped the world move on, they are friendly people... Probably influenced by their technology presence in the world. Ya, I can't deny that I do like their gadgets and stuff, however JP people are just as friendly as any people in the world, just as racist and JP-only as none in the world.

RE: Japan is worrying about China?
By pxavierperez on 5/9/2008 7:10:05 PM , Rating: 2
you really have no clue about the Japanese culture and here you are accusing people being fed by the media.

You made a comment about Yasukuni Shrine, but before i explain what it really is about since it's obvious you clearly have no idea, let me touch upon one point in your criticism.

You critized the Japanese dedicated the shrine to a group of fascist criminals. I take it you lack a bit of history lesson since China's Super Hero Mao Zedong (Tse-Tung) wasn't only a fascist but a communist tyrant too. There were ten times more Chinese who were killed during his rule than during the Japanese occupation. And last I visited China, the Chinese government/people pretty much worship and commemorate Mao as a national hero. Heck, they make a song worshiping him. Ever hear of the "East is Red?"

The Chinese likes to think that the Red symbolizes the flag. But many Chinese survivors know it's the river of blood spilled during Mao's reign.

So if the Chinese can worship and venerate a mass murderer of their own people to Saint Hood, I suppose the Japanese can visit the graves of dead World War Two soldiers.

Now let me tell what the Yasukuni Shrine really is . The Japanese believe that when a person died violently his soul rests uneasily and may cause havoc among the living . So they build these shrines to calm the dead spirits so that they may leave the living people, you and me, alone, peacefully . And THAT is what the Yasukuni Shrine is for!

Thus on annual basis political figures visit the shrine to pray so that these tortured souls can rest peacefully and leave their administration in peace.

It isn't about hero worship the way the Chinese put up a big poster of Mao the dictator for everyone to bow and kneel down to kiss his feet.

Go and do research in the Japanese consulate nearby before you go blabbering about your media fed believes.

And the only Asian countries that are continuously critical or a bit concern of Japan military built up are either South Korea and China. North Korea is suspicious of everyone. China have a political agenda rather than thinking in behalf of the security of Asia. China would rather prefer to be the sole super power in the region and see Japan as a competitor. So don't go generalizing as if every Asians hate Japanese.

By PandaBear on 5/9/2008 8:46:30 PM , Rating: 2
Calm down dude.

Most people in China don't worship Mao Zedong, much like people in Cuba don't worship Fidel Castro. It is the government that try to make themselves look good that made the song and the national hero thing going. (I used to live in that country when I was younger, so I know this part better than you).

That being said. What the Chinese couldn't stand about the Yasukuni Shrine is that [B]Japanese government refuse to apologize for the damage it did to other countries in WWII [/B]. This is not just the Chinese, but also the Korean people that were suffering during the time. Sure, during Mao 10x more Chinese die due to political reason, but that is internal business within China and not Chinese killing 10x as many Japanese. This doesn't make Japanese WWII war crime (forcing women into army prostitutes, using civilians as bio-weapon research objects, mass murder, rape, etc).

Let's not also forget that it is the ultra nationalist right wing Japanese that give political pressure to the government officials to visit the shrine. To me I couldn't care less if a civilian visit it, but [B]the whole motive behind the head of state visiting the shrine[/B] due to political reason, is [B]a hidden message that we refuse to apologize[/B], and if we were to do it again we still would.

By PandaBear on 5/9/2008 8:56:39 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't say the communist are running China for 50+ years because people love them, but rather they are sick and tired of war and anyone that suck less than the Nationalist party at the time would be better.

The way they keep people from revolting is to keep everyone on alert that the Nationalist from Taiwan will be attacking any minute (and they actually did for the first 10-20 years after the liberation, my grandmom's sister's house got burn down from mortar fired from Taiwanese plane at the time).

The improvement of the last 20-30 years is long over due, not really the good work of the government. Remember Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea's living stand were so much better for so long ahead of China, that they are still behind due to the communists' rule and corruption.

Now I wouldn't say democracy is perfect and dictatorship is completely evil. Taiwan used to be in dictatorship until the last 10 years or so, and it was running fine. China was doing ok in massive project that can never be done quickly in democracy like US due to (cough cough, lobbyists and corrupted elected officials due to campaign money) various reasons. Let's also not forget that most civil war truly end only when a dictator arrives and kick everyone's ass (whether this is a good dictator or not is another story). Look at Lebanon, if a true dictator can finish the rebels from Syria off, there would be true peace right now.

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