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Intel's Kentsfield CPU (top) will be the first quad core desktop chip, Clovertown will be the server equivalent - Courtesy
According to Intel, it says quad-core for desktops will be ready by 2007

IDF is definitely showcasing a host of exciting technologies, but today Intel showed details of some very interesting technology in regards to where servers and desktops will be heading in 2007. According to company slides, Intel expects to be shipping multi-core Xeon processors based on the Montecito core by mid-year 2006. Targeting the MP segment, Intel's next-generation Tulsa processor will be manufactured using 65nm fabrication technology with large 16MB caches.

For the desktop segment, Intel indicated that Kentsfield will be the first quad-core processor and will be released in Q1 of 2007 after Conroe. During mid-year 2006, Intel will introduce its Bridge Creek platform but it did not indicate whether or not it will be Kentsfield ready. Recently, AMD also indicated that it will be introducing quad-core processors in 2007 for the server segment, but did not talk about the desktop space. According to Intel slides, Kentsfield will be focused on immediately after Conroe.

Intel indicated that quad-core processors will only be needed for the very highest-end desktops. Corporate users and enterprise level productivity software will also be a target for Kentsfield. Tigerton, Intel's quad-core MP processor, will also be released in early 2007.

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RE: Is Super Glue included ?
By Viditor on 3/9/2006 6:32:59 PM , Rating: 2
I need to read more...I guess the answer is "3a". 16MB of cache is absolutely massive! This means that ~75% of the die will be nothing but L2!

RE: Is Super Glue included ?
By ChronoReverse on 3/9/2006 6:57:38 PM , Rating: 2
Indeed. While I'm not exactly a big fan of that, if it works AND Intel prices it reasonable, I can live it. Obviously it won't be at first, but it's not like I need quad-cores right either (our servers are small enough that dual processors are quite enough thank you).

RE: Is Super Glue included ?
By Viditor on 3/10/2006 11:45:34 AM , Rating: 2
if it works AND Intel prices it reasonable, I can live it

Price is a good point...
I don't know if you remember, but AMD signed a license with ISI at the end of last year for SOI cache made using Z-Ram.
Z-Ram gets 5 times the density of normal cache (and only works with SOI). In addition, it utilizes far less power than normal cache memory...
Imagine a quad core Opteron that has only a 50% increase in footprint vs dual core at the same node, but has double the cache and double the cores...and uses the same power.
Add to that AMD's new strained silicon process, and I think we will see AMD keep the server crown for least until their nextgen chips come out.

RE: Is Super Glue included ?
By Questar on 3/10/2006 4:28:09 PM , Rating: 2
So what's the problem? The performance of a top end Porche is generated 85% by air. Is that bad?

Quit trying spread FUD. It doesn't matter how performance is created as long as it exists.

"This is from the It's a science website." -- Rush Limbaugh

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