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The GTA IV bundle box art  (Source: SCEE)
Sony announces PlayStation 3 packed with Grand Theft Auto IV

Along with Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the biggest titles yet for PlayStation 3 – the only difference with MGS4, of course, is that GTA IV isn’t a platform exclusive. But that’s not going to stop Sony from treating GTA IV as one of its very own, and creating a new system bundle around the highly-anticipated title.

Announced today by both Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Australia is an official Grand Theft Auto IV bundle that will pack the game in along with the 40GB PlayStation 3 model. “We are delighted to offer the millions of PS3 and GTA fans the ultimate gaming package,” said David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Unfortunately for those hoping to get the latest DualShock 3 controller model with the new bundle, Sony indicated that the GTA IV bundle will include the outgoing SIXAXIS controller only. Such news may be the most disappointing for Australian gamers, who will have to purchase the DualShock 3 controller separately for a mindboggling AUD$99 (USD$92) when it releases this week. Gamers in Europe have yet to hear of an official launch date for their rumbling controllers.

The Grand Theft Auto IV PlayStation 3 bundle will retail in Europe at €439 (USD$696) and in Australia for AUD$749.95 (USD$715).

Gamers also considering paying the premium for the Grand Theft Auto IV Special Edition game package will want an early sneak-peek of the game from an unknown retailer.

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This may influence your buying decisions...
RE: This may influence your buying decisions...
By FITCamaro on 4/23/2008 4:00:56 PM , Rating: 1
I hate IntelliText ads with a passion.....

That article doesn't really say which version is better or worse. It addresses some of the issues developing for the 360 sure. But it doesn't really say which version is better. Honestly while I have a 360 and will obviously be buying that version, I expect the PS3 version to look slightly better just due to the fact that it has more storage space and doesn't have to compress things. But sorry, not going to go buy a PS3 just to get slightly better visuals. Gameplay is what matters, not graphics.

And from the sounds of it, as long as you do the optional install on the 360, which I will, both play the same. It does suck for the idiots who bought the Core/Arcade system though. Hopefully Microsoft realized their mistake of not shipping the 360 with a standard hard drive. That was one of the best things about the original Xbox. So hopefully they'll correct this mistake with the Xbox 720 or whatever its called.

By crazyblackman on 4/23/2008 4:59:35 PM , Rating: 2
To be honest...there are also early game comparisons stating that there is more pedestrian/vehicle traffic, as well as generally more onscreen action/activity in the PS3 version. To each his own...but for the possible stability reasons alone, I think the PS3 version is a safer bet, if you already own a PS3. If you don't, then this bundle becomes that much more attractive here in North America. At least hardware failure is not as much as an issue.

It was more of a technological point being made by the article. I really think the hard drive issue is one problem that can be easily solved, however the DVD9 space limitation issue is stated to be entirely a bigger problem for MS now. Now we are talking creativity restrictions and developers are finally speaking out about this issue openly. The PS3 will become even more attractive to these creative devs who have gotten comfy with it, and would choose to design on the PS3 first and then try to port down a more compressed version of their unrestricted creative works to the 360.

A 10 year PS3 life cycle is ambitious, but entirely possible for Sony.
We're already discussing the XBOX 720, are we? That's funny stuff.

RE: This may influence your buying decisions...
By Belard on 4/23/2008 6:47:27 PM , Rating: 2
Seen the Xbox 360 version of MGS4? Its like 20~22 DVDs... its' HUGE... ;) but its a pretty box.

I'm guessing a lot of data is redundent to prevent disc swaps from 1>10>1>9>10>11>1>11>1>12 .... arugh!

For the PS3... 3-4 Blue Ray Discs.

By crazyblackman on 4/23/2008 7:26:54 PM , Rating: 2
Thats funny. MS is also having server "hiccups" since their last "update". GTAIV hasn't even launched yet and already the XBL"pay to play" service is screwed up. Gotta love it.

But seriously...that's another subject, right? Let's stay on topic.

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