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Satellite M100

Qosmio G30
Toshiba has announced the Satellite M100 and the Qosmio G30 which features an HD-DVD drive

Toshiba has announced two new laptops today; one from the Satellite family and one from the Qosmio family. Both have the option of using Intel's new Core Duo processors.

The Satellite M100 can be equipped with a either a Core Solo or Core Duo processor and features a 14.1" WXGA screen. Users have the option of hard drives ranging from 40GB to 120GB in size while CD-RW/DVD and DVD SuperMulti DL drives are also available. Up to 2GB of DDR2 memory is supported.

Toshiba is very generous with the graphics options on the new M100. It comes standard with Intel's GMA950 graphics, but can also be equipped with a 64MB Mobility Radeon X1300 or a 128MB Mobility Radeon X1400.

The 5.2 lb notebook starts at $1,034 and is available now.

Also announced today was the Qosmio G30. This multimedia monster will feature HDMI-out along with an HD-DVD drive. The notebook features Core Duo processors, 17" WUXGA display, GeForce Go 7600, HD-DVD-ROM/DVD Super Multi-Drive and Harman Kardon stereo speakers.

The G30 is expected to start at around $2,400 and will launch in Europe next month.

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This makes me sad..
By THEREALJMAN73 on 3/8/2006 12:05:15 PM , Rating: 3
I knew I was going to dread the day I saw HD-DVD and B-Ray hit the market. Someone (the consumers) is going to get screwed over this two format crap.
I refuse to buy anything that cannot read both formats and for my PC internal drive I won't buy anything that cannot write both versions also.
With luck one will die out quickly and one standard will rule them all.

RE: This makes me sad..
By gary1024 on 3/8/2006 12:28:09 PM , Rating: 2
agree, the dual format is no good. the best way for consumers not to get screwed is for us, the early adopter, to tell others not to bother with either format for 2-3 years, if ever. If a person wants HD movies, get it thru sat broadcast, or cable HD "on demand" services, or continue to enjoy a nice up-scaling SD DVD player. both look great.

RE: This makes me sad..
By timmiser on 3/8/2006 12:57:44 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, but that's like telling your teenager not to have sex until they get married!

I think a better solution is only buy dual format players. Then it won't matter what media wins or even if they continue to have dual types of media just won't matter to the end user.

This would be like the DVD+R / -R media. Once I got a dual media readers/writer, I could care less which format I buy.


RE: This makes me sad..
By masher2 on 3/8/2006 2:18:46 PM , Rating: 2
> "for us, the early adopter, to tell others not to bother with either format for 2-3 years"

Sorry, but I already have an HD-DVD player on should be in by end of month.

If you want to wait, feel free. Personally, I think the the whole "format war" issue is a tempest in a teapot. If both formats capture significant market share, dual-format players will become ubiquitous...and consumers won't even know the difference between the two.

RE: This makes me sad..
By hmurchison on 3/8/2006 12:54:55 PM , Rating: 2
LG is contemplating making a Universal player. They are currently licensees of both formats and have shown the HD199 and BD199. They might as well combine the two and ship one SKU that plays everything. I'd buy something like that. I'm for less electronics cluttering my shelves.

Mmmmmmmmmmm nice
By hmurchison on 3/8/2006 10:34:47 AM , Rating: 2
Digital Tuner, HD-DVD with a WUXGA screen and the ability to hold 320GB of HDD storage. This is rapidly becoming a powerhouse of a computer.

Once they drop in Merom and add a HDMI output this sucker will be fully mature. Good job Toshiba!!

RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm nice
By Chadder007 on 3/8/2006 11:50:32 AM , Rating: 2
Memrom is the mobile version of Conroe right? Still called Core also?

RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm nice
By Chadder007 on 3/8/2006 11:54:20 AM , Rating: 2
If they are to be called Core Solo and Core Duo also...why did the current Pentium M's start to be called "Core" considering the massive jump in performance that is supposed to take place?

RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm nice
By hmurchison on 3/8/2006 11:59:30 AM , Rating: 2
I think Intel should brand these something cool like Core-64. Hype up the 64-bit support since consumers always love bigger numbers.

decoder chip
By kattanna on 3/8/2006 12:49:49 PM , Rating: 2
i wonder if the laptop will have the security decoder chip that will allow the playback of HD content? No shipping video cards do right now.

id be kinda funny to get the laptop, but then the HD-DVD's are downgraded because it lacked the proper security chip for full HD out put

RE: decoder chip
By hmurchison on 3/8/2006 12:55:59 PM , Rating: 2
Since the LCD is integrated I'm assuming that copy protection is handled internally. I've heard of nothing regarding external display options. I think we're going to have to wait for more info on that.

RE: decoder chip
By jkresh on 3/8/2006 3:51:56 PM , Rating: 2
Article says it has hdmi out which means it has the chip. It is possible to have DVI out without hdcp (as is the case with almost all graphics cards now (Sony has a few with hdcp)), as far as I know hdmi requires hdcp and it would be odd for Toshiba not to include working hdmi in this notebook. Also remember that it is up to the studio to decide whether hdcp is necessary and it is likely that many of the early discs won’t require it. Hopefully people will only buy discs which work fine without hdcp and boycott those that require it and the studios will take the hint and not release any crippled discs.

Too much talk about HDDVD and Blu Ray
By Staples on 3/8/2006 11:46:56 AM , Rating: 2
And there still isn't a single drive out. Wake me up when one does come out.

By hmurchison on 3/8/2006 12:00:05 PM , Rating: 2
HD-DVD ships on March 28th

I'm going to see one today at Fry's in Renton, WA

DVD Tray should open on the side.
By leviat on 3/8/2006 1:12:42 PM , Rating: 2
Sometimes I wonder if the people that design the laptops actually USE them. Why would they have the DVD-Rom open on the front rather than the side? I guess they just don't want to cater to Geeks with belly's :-p.

By segagenesis on 3/8/2006 2:44:10 PM , Rating: 2
This is one of my pet peeves. I really dislike a laptop that does not open the tray on the side. Even for someone who isnt ... fat... it's fairly akward when its sitting in your lap to try and get the disk out the front.

By DarthPierce on 3/8/2006 9:51:17 AM , Rating: 2
nice to see dedicated graphics in a lightweight 14 inch chassis. not sure I care about hd-dvd yet...

By hmurchison on 3/8/2006 1:16:44 PM , Rating: 2
A decade ago it would be hard to get rid of dead hardware but now with eBay and Craigslist I'm not afraid of bailing and quickly getting rid of hardware.

not bad pricing
By Fenixgoon on 3/8/2006 5:06:57 PM , Rating: 2
I'm thouroughly surprised... those prices aren't too ridiculous!

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