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The new PlayStation Store is faster and easier to navigate  (Source: SCEA)
PlayStation Store vastly improved, PS3 now and even better Blu-ray Disc player

As promised by Sony late last month, the PlayStation Store revamp is now here. PlayStation 3 users who check for a network update will find that firmware version 2.30 is available.

For gamers, the most immediately appreciable improvement in the new software is support for the redesigned PlayStation Store, which drops its web browser foundation in favor of a locally viewable but still online required version. The result of this change is much quicker browsing speeds, which are now more comparable to Xbox Live Marketplace rather than a slow website. A video walkthrough of the new store is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

Early PS3 owners who installed the update reported that the store would occasionally fail to load images, instead displaying only a “missing image” placeholder. Some have been able to fix the problem by clearing the PS3 web browser cache, though various loading errors on the store could be due to the PlayStation Network’s heavy strain from the masses of updates.

The PlayStation Store accessible via the PC and PSP also sport a new look, though the changes appear to be cosmetic and do not behave the same as the PlayStation 3 version.

For high-definition movie enthusiasts, the 2.30 firmware also brings with it the much anticipated DTS-HD Master Audio support for the console’s Blu-ray Disc playback feature. Like PCM and Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA can deliver audio presentation that is bit-for-bit identical to the original studio master.

“PS3 was designed to enable delivery of new and improved technologies like DTS-HD Master Audio,” said Teiji Yutaka, SVP of Software Platform Development at SCE. “So we are delighted to be able to offer this capability to PS3 users.”

The 2.30 firmware update is now available from the PlayStation 3 update function, or as a direct download to PC from PlayStation Japan.

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RE: although....
By MrTeal on 4/15/2008 11:41:08 AM , Rating: 2
Ps.. Unknown to most, even the best D/A (digital to analogue) converters can only reproduce around 18 to 19 bits of resolutin. So in reality comparing 20 to 24 bits when 5-6 bits are being lost in noise, the difference is negligable. Also SACD's method of using 1 bit at a high sample rate, can give it an effective SNR of up to 120db.. much higher than DVD-A and PCM. This is the reason most audiophiles prefer SACD over DVD-A, even though looking at the specs, DVD-A/PCM seems better.

There's a lot more to a good DAC than just the word size. In fact, most high quality audio DAC chips that accept 24bit words are actually of the sigma delta type, so internally they use the same 1-bit analog reconstruction that SACD does. The big problem with cheaper gear is in the rest of the analog stage. Cheap filters after the DAC, and poor choice and implementation of op amp circuits can make a big difference. So can the crummy power supplies used in most commercial equipment.

Properly implemented, you will be able to measure the difference between a 20 and 24 bit DAC. The engineer just has to spend the time and money to lower the noise floor to the point where it swamps the LSB, but it can be done.

RE: although....
By MrTeal on 4/15/2008 11:44:13 AM , Rating: 2
:P Obviously, the last sentence should read
lower the noise floor to the point where it doesn't swamp the LSB

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