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Act of love more offensive than severed human heads, reports poll

Believe it or not, the choice between taking life or creating life is one that is very unclear to parents. In a poll on parent-oriented gaming site What They Play, respondents were asked to pick from a choice of four what they found the most offensive in a video game.

The four choices offered were: a graphically severed human head; a man and a woman having sex; multiple use of the F-word; or two men kissing.

Perhaps as a strange demonstration of social values, those who voted in the poll reported that sexual matters of any sort were more offensive than explicit violence or profanity. The leading pick as the most offensive act in video game was “a man and woman having sex” at 37 percent. Off second place with 27 percent was “two men kissing.”

Next in second last place with 26 percent was the anti-violence answer of “a graphically severed human head.” In a distant fourth was “multiple use of the F-word.”

Informed parents are the best defence against exposure of inappropriate material to children, though it appears that many are more concerned about sexual matters than graphic violence.

Susan Arendt of Game|Life shared the story of an encounter she once had in a game store: “A woman was trying to buy her 12-year old daughter some games for Christmas, and overhearing me talking about games, asked me for advice. She picked up one of the Resident Evils and asked me if it was any good. I told her that it was an excellent game, but quite violent and scary. ‘Oh, that's no problem,’ she replied. ‘But there's no, you know, people having relations in it, is there?’

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By therealnickdanger on 4/11/2008 7:48:59 PM , Rating: 1
I know people areound here don't like my opinion on this, but I'm glad people are more offended by sex than violence. They should be. Sex tends to have a deeper impact on people (no pun intended) because it is such an intimate act. Severed heads have been made public for thousands of years as a corporal punishment. I realize I need to go into a lot more detail to properly express my opinion, but it's Friday night and it's time to go out!


RE: Sweet
By walk2k on 4/11/2008 8:25:06 PM , Rating: 3
Time to go out and sever some heads!

RE: Sweet
By jlips6 on 4/11/2008 10:43:49 PM , Rating: 2
you gotta go to europe dude...

RE: Sweet
By Nik00117 on 4/12/2008 5:23:07 AM , Rating: 2
He does have a valid point. I Mean the last fear on my moms mind is me going out on a killing spree. However the idea of me having sex, thats not so hard to see. So those parents aren't worried their sons may go out and kill someone but have a baby because they saw it on a game.

Although kids will have sex either way, I find many kids lose their virginity at 15-16, I know I did.

RE: Sweet
By jlips6 on 4/14/2008 11:42:57 AM , Rating: 2
so basically what determines the repulsiveness of an act is the likelyhood that it will occur, not what the act is?

RE: Sweet
By clovell on 4/14/2008 4:54:25 PM , Rating: 2
Not quite. Worry is based on risk, and risk is calculated as the product of an outcome and its probability.

RE: Sweet
By RaptorZA on 4/12/2008 7:18:05 AM , Rating: 2
wouldn't that be capital not corporal?
unless you figured out who to decapitate someone without killing them. If so do tell :)

RE: Sweet
By therealnickdanger on 4/12/2008 5:13:38 PM , Rating: 2
LMAO, you are correct!

RE: Sweet
By DanoruX on 4/13/2008 11:29:27 AM , Rating: 2
Brutally killing people is A-OK but god forbid they make love like humans are biologically built to do...

And people wonder why the crime rate in America is much higher than anywhere else - and why it's been going down ever since more and more 13 year olds have had internet access...

RE: Sweet
By B3an on 4/16/2008 7:15:01 AM , Rating: 2
Thats very true. There was similar servery on Norwegian people, and something like 67% found violence more wrong/offensive than sex. It's like this in a lot of western European countries, and you dont see higher teen pregnancies and/or rapings in most, and they have a lower crime rate aswell than the US.

So this whole argument like "Well my kids are far more less likely to go out and cut someones head off" is just retarded. Maybe people should look at the facts first (aye Masher).

RE: Sweet
By MrPoletski on 4/16/2008 1:47:32 AM , Rating: 2
"Sex tends to have a deeper impact on people (no pun intended) because it is such an intimate act."

Having sex has a greater impact on a person than having their head severed?

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