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Trade in the old for cash off the new, says Sennheiser!

Heaphone maker Sennheiser, featured in DailyTech's Christmas guide to headphones, produces many quality earbuds and headphones.  However, many penny-pinchers (or broke college students) shudder at the thought of spending their hard earned dollars on an entirely new pair of headphones and thus stick to their old pair.

I know how bad this can get-- I, until recently, owned a pair of iPod earbuds, which had to be the worst fit for my ear possible.  Yet I kept listening to them out of unwillingness to pony up the cash for a new pair.  Sure they would slip off the ear, and the sound was horrible, but it beat spending money right?

Well now deal savvy audiophiles can find a better solution than languishing in old earphone purgatory.   Sennheiser has just announced a pretty exciting program that offers users cash back for sending in their old headphones.

The program gives users a $5 refund on street earbuds, $10 on classic and sport earbuds, $15 for in-ear models, and $25 on the high-end noise canceling models.  The sweet tiered system, ensures a significant discount at any price.  Better yet you can send Sennheiser any pair of earphones, no matter how damaged or abused. 

Getting your rebate is as easy as filling out a quick PDF form and mailing it with the old earbuds to Sennheiser.

Its nice to see a company looking to win over new customers with a good promotion.  If you're looking to pick up headphones, it certainly seems worth a look.

I would almost regret purchasing my latest Skull Candy earbuds, had they not been a measly $10 (and still better sound quality than the Apple earbuds!).  However, if you haven't already bought a pair, review DailyTech's holiday guide and see if you can find a pair of Sennheisers that float your boat and mail in your old ones, while this sweet deal lasts.

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RE: Earbuds... pah
By onwisconsin on 4/12/2008 2:05:53 PM , Rating: 2
It amazes me that people can even stand to listen to earbuds.

1) I can't fit my headphones into my already-stuffed to the max backpack (aka they aren't practical outside of the home), so the cheapy earbuds are the only alternative
2) Audio quality doesn't matter on the go for me. I can listen to my music almost anywhere
3) Most times the volume is near minimum because it does get load even at half of maximum.

RE: Earbuds... pah
By TomCorelis on 4/12/2008 2:26:37 PM , Rating: 2
I run into (1) a lot as well... so I just keep them around my neck. I can understand why that may not work for some. To each their own, I guess.

RE: Earbuds... pah
By RobFDB on 4/13/2008 1:54:15 PM , Rating: 2
The last thing I need at the gym is to have my HD600's on my head or wrapped around my neck, it would be a massive inconvience. Any serious music listening I do is on my computer so with my HD600's. When I use my iPod it's in the car or at the gym or even at work, and in none of those places to headphones make sense to me.

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