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IBM Hydro Cluster Water Cooling  (Source: IBM)
IBM Power 575 performs at 600 GFlops per node

Computer enthusiasts that overclock their CPUs have known for a long time that liquid cooling has the potential to cool the processor better than air cooling. Liquid cooling in the enthusiast space is common and has even given way in the extreme performance categories to much more exotic means of cooling processors.

In the supercomputer realm companies like IBM have traditionally relied on air cooling for the CPUs via air conditioning for the room the supercomputer is in. IBM introduced its latest supercomputer called the Power 575, which is equipped with IBM’s latest Power6 microprocessor. The Power 575 has moved from air cooling to liquid cooling and thanks to the liquid cooling useing water-chilled copper plates located above each processor, the new supercomputer requires 80% fewer air conditioning units.

The significantly reduced need for air conditioning means that the energy needed to cool the data center can be reduced by 40%. IBM researchers say water can be up to 4,000 times more efficient than air cooling for computer systems.

The Power 575 supercomputer has 448 cores per rack and provides over five times the performance of its predecessor and is three times more energy efficient per rack. Each rack features 14 2U nodes each consisting of 32 4.7GHz cores of Power6 and 3.5TB of memory. Each node is capable of 600 GFlops and is three times more efficient in GFlops per kilowatt than the Power5 air-cooled processors.

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RE: Water Cooling
By afkrotch on 4/10/2008 2:26:28 PM , Rating: 2
1. Watercooling is really only needed if you want to OC
2. If you skip watercooling and invest the money you would have spent on that, you could afford a faster CPU.

Water is the devil, can totally f... up a house, let alone electronics.

Be all cool and edgy if you want, I can't hear my air cooled machine running, and I can sleep at night knowing I won't have a high-tech fish tank in the morning.

1. No. Silence is golden and air can't compete with water in that realm. Watercooling can be built with specific purposes. For OCing, for quiet, for anything someone can come up with. Shoot, you can built a single watercooling loop to cool all your computers if you wanted to.

2. Or you can keep the watercooling and reuse it over the many years of your computer build. My watercooling setup has been mounted on Athlon XPs, Pentium 4s, and now Core 2 Duo. It can also be mounted on Athlon 64s, X2s, AM2s, Xeons, etc. It's been mounted on Geforce FX5600, 5950 Ultra, 9700 Pro, 9600 XT, 6800, 6800 GT, 7800GTX, and 8800GT. The chipset block has also been mounted on various motherboards throughout it's life. New brackets can be bought for $10 or simply make new ones with a dremel.

Me, I replace the blocks completely, as the newer ones have better cooling properties. But my old ones could be used too, if I felt like it.

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