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Is a new and improved iPhone in the works, or is Apple struggling to keep up with component inventories?

As one of the most trend-setting tech companies, love it or hate it, Apple is constantly making news with its new products.  A constant media circus follows Apple, and often the rumors hold true-- as was the case when Apple revamped its entire iPod line last fall. 

Now the rumors have started to circulate again, this time about Apple's smart phone, the iPhone.  Analysts now claim iPhone supplies are mysteriously shrinking, leading to speculation that either Apple is preparing to launch a new model, or is in the middle of a component crisis.  Market research firm Inc. remained sufficient throughout the month.  Sacconaghi doesn't buy into the rumors that a new iPhone model may be in the works.  He states conservatively, "

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They still get iPhones...
By daBKLYNdoorman on 4/4/2008 2:14:46 PM , Rating: 2
I wanted to get an iPhone this weekend (on Saturday to be exact) but they said it was sold out and has been for about a few days. Then I kept on calling on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and they told me that they have not recieved any new iPhones. I called again on Wednesday and Thursday and they told me that they recieved a new shipment of iPhones at 12PM (noon) but they were sold out by 3PM. Amazing.

"This is about the Internet.  Everything on the Internet is encrypted. This is not a BlackBerry-only issue. If they can't deal with the Internet, they should shut it off." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis

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